Smart Ways to Get Students Excited About Learning

“Technology will not replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational .”

― George Couros

Anyone new to a particular topic finds it challenging to understand in detail about it. For the students who involve themselves with many topics every day must be feeling difficulty, which may lead to boredom and stress to the students. Therefore, the professionals transformed monotonous learning to learning with fun. 

The art of learning is understanding the motive of study and learn it by implementing it in real life. Technology can help students to learn things with excitement. Students can use technology to practice, for practice makes a person perfect. It not only helps students in active learning but also increases their cognitive skills.

How, Why, and Where do you learn? 

A professional teacher loves the subject he teaches and is passionate about making them learn something new every day. However, due to lack of time, he fails to teach enough to the students. Therefore, to increase the student’s success rate, they need to assure that they get plenty of time and knowledge from their side. Technology makes it happen!

Before moving on to teaching and technology, let’s focus on the ways undertaken by us to learn. Take a moment to reflect on the real-world stories you use every day to do daily jobs effectively. Therefore, ask yourself:

How do I learn?

Why do I learn? 

Where do I learn?

We live in a world of projects. Whether its a job assignment, DIY, or planning a party, these basic tasks help us gain a knack to solve bigger problems. From them, we can extract the art of learning that helps us in developing smart learning strategies.

Effective and Structured Learning

Professional teachers use technology to ensure that their learning is effective and structured. Before starting a project, they make a proper project plan to achieve the goals set by them. The teachers upload the project plans to the project management tool so that the students can access it online. This tool helps the teacher and the students to attain their milestones and increase their productivity. 

Extract the online resources, learn, and share it with your students to relate it with a real-life example. You can also give access to the student to upload there learning and online resources over the work management tool, which in turn helps in knowledge creation.

Smart learning by smart projects

One of the most significant aspects of technology in education is its use in designing and creativity. Students can create content in written, audio, visual, 2-D, and 3-D formats. They can create music, videos, photos, magazines, and enables them to conduct experiments. By creating such content, students can present their ideas online or in person.

So, in other words, technology is useful at every stage of education, including introduction, research, project making, presentation, etc.

However, the creation aspect should be more than to create documents. Students can make use of technology to create more innovative projects, like Automobile designing, robotics, software creation, database creation, animation, etc. 

Education beyond whiteboards and computers

Technology is not confined to just computers and whiteboard; it’s much more than that. Other examples include digital cameras, video cameras, microscopes, telescopes, 3D printer, etc. Getting access to these devices to help the student to implement and increase there innovative thinking process. These technologies can be made used to understand how they work and know the internal part functions together.

The primary purpose of education was never to score good marks; instead, the application of what one learns matters. Thus, the use of current technological tools to generate great products and services can be beneficial to society.

Bond of Education and Technology

As discussed above, students can use technology to learn better and improve each day. It can help in developing skills like independence, teamwork, creative thinking, reflection, participation, and self-management. 

However, a coin has a flip face to it; therefore, technology is not the solution to the current complex education-system. It’s a tool used to aid education and learning. Teachers should make sure that the use of technology is not confined to a single subject. Rather, it should be implemented throughout the classes.

Also, technology should work as per the theme and objective of the class. Moreover, poor investment in technology is also a drawback for the students as they may lag in their studies due to inappropriate information. Sadly, most of the school follow out-dated technology. The immediate action should be to invest money in upgrading the old-school education system. 

So, these were a few smart ways to get students excited about learning. The teacher’s primary purpose should be to make lectures more innovative for the students. Therefore, their effort to use upgraded technology is important.