Startup advice: Should you use a website builder to get online quickly?

Whether it’s for starting up a blog or a business online, you want to do it fast. But is that the right way? Many businesses and blogs become successful after a gradual process and build towards their companies. However, the online world is booming and every year more and more websites are created. So what is the fastest way to build your website and should you use a website builder to get online quickly?

Which website builders should you use?

This question will always be an open question, because it is all down to what the user needs it for. When it comes to website builders, there are some that already have layouts and force you to use their web hosting such as Wix, whereas there’s web hosting services that offer flexibility for you to get creative, such as WordPress. However, there are many websites that offer free layouts and unlimited domains to use as a web hosting service. 

HostGator is one example, since they allow you to have free SEO tools and unlimited domain names for your website. This gives you room to wiggle around in and allows you to create to your heart’s content.

Hostinger is another example, with millions of customers from around the world satisfied with the fast and reliable speed it has and the ability to be able to publish websites without any obstacles. It is also known to offer affordable web hosting plans, for anyone who wants to start up their website.

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Is it better to get an independent custom design or a ready built one?

This all falls down to how much time you have on your hands and the capabilities you have to design. If you are a beginner and want everything to be effortless, it is best to go for a web hosting provider that offers template layouts that you can play with. Most web hosting services offer simplified guides for you to use and you can even obtain a domain name for an additional price. However, if you wish to build everything from scratch, have your own choice of domain names and to get fully creative, it is best to go for an independent custom design.

It is also down to what you can afford and your knowledge on how to navigate online. If you are an independent blogger or a small startup company that wishes to keep the costs to a minimal, it is best to choose a website builder that can help manage things for you, but also give you the option to upgrade if needed.

Our say

Choosing to go online is the right choice, since it is a long term trend that will stay. However, rushing the process can only cause obstacles and possible regrets if it’s not done thoroughly and correctly. Choosing between a web host service is especially important when building your website, because they can offer you the crucial tools needed for a successful outcome. It is alway best to invest a little bit more into your website and select a web hosting service that offers you the freedom to get creative and build hard towards a good website. The best advice is to work at a steady pace, dedicate yourself to your website and to always be patient for the best results.

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