Strategies to use when researching for an essay

The core secret of writing a perfect essay is the planning of the structure of an essay. By conducting effective research, you lay the foundation of your essay.

Every single source is essential in the writing part. This is why the first place a student thinks to go is the library, i.e., the goldmine of sources.

In order to make it easy for you and fill your research gaps, we’re going to demonstrate to you what type of strategies you should be using for your essay and also the essence of research.

The main target is for you to conduct research effectively so that your essay could be found valuable to anyone who reads it.

What do mean by research:

Before you begin to find an authentic source, you must be clear with what you already know and what you need to know.

There are basically two kinds of research: primary & secondary. Usually primary & secondary research required together for most types of essays.

Primary research is what you will be collecting on your own, and it will be based on your efforts of collecting the information.

Primary research is based on:

  • Questions
  • Survey
  • Interview
  • Examinations
  • Investigations
  • interviews

In Secondary research, you use the information that is collected by a secondary source, i.e., not you.

You have secondary sources all around you; school libraries, online sources, research institutions, magazines, and newspapers, etc. You can also use essay writing service for secondary research purposes.

With secondary research, you read what other people are saying and incorporate it into your own essay. The good part about secondary research is that it is less time-consuming than primary research because it is already available.

Secondary research is based on the following sources:

  • Professional and commercial organization data.
  • Private sector reports
  • Government sector reports
  • School and journal articles
  • Industrial reports. etc.

Challenge your expectations, belief, and conclusions to support your questions to produce a great essay.

Below we talk about 2 effective strategies you can use to have solid research:

Research Planning that is not rushed:

Having ample time is a key factor to any research success, regardless of what you do.

Don’t leave your essay for the last moment, especially if you are planning to conduct thorough research.

Otherwise, your essay will show the lack of quality research work. The required amount of research will depend on the nature of the subject.

Understanding the concept:

In order to check the right direction of your research, it is extremely important that you understand what you have to research.

You can write down your understanding of the concept on a notepad, and brainstorm on your own for a little while.

You can undergo different structures of research but it is important that you stick to one method, or else your essay would be disorganized and readers would find it more cluttered and chaotic,

You should definitely go into the depth of the topic, so can find all the relevant information that is needed for your essay.