The Bored Button

Are you bored at school or at work or home? Do you need a break to just escape from this never-ending boredom that is killing you but not the time? Allow me to present, drum roll please, The Bored Button. This red button is going to rescue you from your boredom to the land of happiness and leisure. The following are the websites that will cure your boredom. So, what are you waiting for? Click the red bored button!

Flappy 2048

You have heard about Flappy Bird but, do you know Flappy 2048? The game has the same concept, you touch the pillar, and you lose. But, Flappy 2048 is still different. There are 2D squared in this game, and you are playing as a 2D square block to win. The good thing about this game is that you do not have to follow the cliché algorithm of repeating the stage when you do hit the obstacles. You automatically begin again with a 0 score. I just can’t get past score 4, anyways all the best to you!

What song defines your life?

It is written in the ancient scriptures of this game that the song that was trending on the 1st position on your fourteenth birthday is what defines your life. Just enter your birth date, birth month, and birth year. And voila! You have the purpose and meaning of your life. Consider yourself lucky that you found the meaning of life this quick. I won’t share my results for this one.

Your Metric Birthday

We know that you are excited to see when you will turn 10,000 days old just as much as we are. So, for this extraordinary occasion, this website exists! To know the date, enter your birth date, birth month, and birth year. And right before your eyes, you have the ultimate birthday date. Do not forget to start planning your party from now, okay? And do not invite people you do not know because this is an exceptional occasion.

Geo Kitten

Select the kitten picture that you find the most adorable, and the website will let you know where you live. The title of this website is pretty cool, right? Geo Kitten. Once you click on the kitten, you will hear a human meow and will have your location discovered by the kitten right before your eyes. Spoiler, the kitten is going to apologize for something.