The New Name in Eyewear: Shari Dionne

The charm of the sunglasses is never hidden. To protect the eyes from the sun’s scorching UV rays or to add to your glamorous personality, sunglasses are suited to do both. If you, too, have a fantastic fashion sense and craze of upgrading your style, then the wait is over! We will introduce you to one of the most famous and luxurious eyewear brands in Los Angeles, Shari Dionne.

Let’s have a brief look at the history of this brand creation. Make sure to read it till the end.

History of Shari Dionne

The Shari Dionne brand was founded by Will Nickens Jr., and the namesake Shari Dionne. Their romantic and passionate love story was the foundation of their company. The couple started their passionate love affair just after a weekend fling in Dallas. They started traveling for dates to different cities. During these excursions to places such as Miami, Cancun, Cabo, and Puerto Rico, people repeatedly praised Shari’s fashion sense, especially her choice of eyewear. 

Shari soon realized how something as small as a choice of sunglasses could play a huge role in enhancing one’s appearance. She then, along with her partner, established her sunglasses company that reflects Shari’s fashion sense and style. Will Nickens Jr. and Shari Dionne discussed the motivation behind the brand’s designs in an interview. “We wanted people to gain a sense of confidence in our eyewear,” same as the couple’s co-founder, Shari Dionne.

Launch of amazing collection

This luxurious eyewear brand, Shari Dionne, has reported the arrival of its eagerly awaited Icy Collection.

This Los Angeles-based brand now offers premium shades and optical assortments for both men and women. The brand is focused on greatness and quality and offers its excellent line of eyewear as a way to compliment your regular day-to-day style.

They offer products from anti blue light glasses to UV400 sunglasses, and a wide range of fashion eyewear. They recently launched their Icy Collection, which is full of bedazzled eyewear. Each piece is made to mesmerize any bystander. Shari Dionne welcomes individuals to look further into themselves and accessorize their style with a pair of glasses that matches their personality.

Shari Dionne says excellence and quality are what we strive for, which shows in our packaging. We are careful and determined in ensuring we exceed everyone’s expectations, so you get an experience while unpacking our items. Every one of our items has our trademarked wing logo creating brand recognition. Their motto is, if it doesn’t have the wing, it ain’t the real thing!

Aim and Mission

Shari Dionne, one the most iconic new eyewear brands, invites you to look into the future with a pair of shades by Shari Dionne. They desire to keep enabling individuals to wear their most genuine selves with confidence and grace. Shari Dionne continues to grow and with that comes growth in their product lines. They will be launching a swimsuit line in Spring of 2023. They aim to embody excellence and quality in every product they offer.

UV400 Sunglasses

UV400 sunglasses protect the individual’s eyes from UV light at a distance of 400 nanometers. Thus, protecting your eyes from a minimum of  99% of harmful UV rays. Protection against UV light is vital and should never be compromised. The Shari Dionne sunglasses are high quality, certified, and have a lot to offer.

The other merit you can get is these are available in a variety of luxurious styles and bundles of colors – all well-fitting to the shape of your face and well suited to the texture of your skin. So, anyone can have a good pair of shades to match their skin tone and fashion taste.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are in themselves a unique masterpiece. They protect the eyes from a direct glare by blocking horizontally oriented light, while allowing the vertically oriented light to pass through. The laminated filters on these sunglasses are designed explicitly for this purpose. Polarized sunglasses are a relatively new technology in the world of eyewear that provides advanced sun protection and great comfort to the eyes.  They are great for activities that involve snow, water, or glass surfaces.

Bottom Line

We sum this up with the words of this beloved couple, Will Nickens Jr. and Shari Dionne. They said, “Our goal is to provide people with eyewear that gives them confidence they never had before, while protecting their eyes from UV lights in a stylish way.” If you are looking for the new name in eyewear, then look no further. Check out the Shari Dionne luxury eyewear collection today!