This French startup is rocking the world of cryptocurrency

Many good things come from France like fine wine, the well known baguette, the Eiffel Tower, and many more. In the tech world we also have worldwide leaders that we all know about. What about cryptocurrency ,where is France in this domain ?

France and Crypto , a love relationship

France also hosts some of the biggest projects in the crypto world. Ever heard of Ledger ? Yes the Ledger hardware wallet. Well it’s french baste and it’s considered one of the most secure ways to store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to date.

The new French guys in Crypto

These guys seem to have appeared out of no were in the beginning of the year and the thing is that they have an amazing community of crypto traders that use their trading signals, and collaborate to create a type of hive mind of trading. They are called simply ‘’Sublime traders’’.

What is Sublime Traders ?

Sublime traders is a cryptocurrency signal provider that uses algorithmic trading to scan for signals, curates them and then posts them out for their community. They are doing something that has existed for a while and spiced it up with a bunch of different features like scalping signals and managed non custodial trading.

They offer cryptocurrency trading signals for Bitcoin and alt coins and for multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitmex crypto signals – signals for all the futures pairs on the derivative exchange

Binance crypto signals – signals for all the coins on the biggest crypto exchange on the market

Bybit crypto signals – Sublime traders supports and advise sits clients to use this newer crypto exchange similar to bitmex but more stable and more modern.

Who is behind Sublime Traders ?

Sublime is a team of 3 traders, when you take a look at their website and check the about us page you can see that they come from a deep trading background. One of them has been even with Lehman Brothers up UN till 2008 with the world economic crash. So yea there are some heavy weights behind the project.

We have the pleasure to talk with one of their admins@logicalorangex  and we found out that he is very open about everything we wanted to know.

They use Telegram for sharing their signals with the community .Telegrams a messaging app like whats app that has over 400 Million users and it seems it’s the perfect way to interact with your community by using channels and groups.

Their channel structure is very clean and easy to understand. I must admit i went from scheptic to adept in the space or 10 minutes. They have a way of presenting trading that is unique in the market and they have a signal precision of 80-95% which for the industry is amazing.

Check out their video here :


With over 2700 members Sublime Traders one of the best crypto signal providers out there. Check them out and join their community.

Sublime Traders  telegram community :