TikTok Advertisement: 6 Ad Types And Its Costs

We hope you know about the TikTok marketing well because you landed here to know its types and costs. 

We have gathered much information about the TikTok ads and the ad cost ranges. Here they are; let’s jump in.

1. In-feed Ads

In-feed native ads are the ads that you will get on other social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter, which takes all users’ complete attention. These ads cost £6.3 per CPM.

In-feeds are categorized into two types:

     In-feed ads (Account)

  • Make video contents with your supported soundtrack
  • Gain more impressions organically

     In-feed ads (Diversion)

  • No need to create an account


  • You can create videos up to 60seconds, which appear on the “For You” page.
  • Twenty-six kinds of Call To Action (CTA) are accepted.
  • Apps downloads and internal/external landing pages are accepted.

2. Top View Lite or Brand Takeover

The Top View Lites, which formerly called Brand Takeover, is a video or image format that appears first whenever a TikTok’s user opens the platform, which results in massive TikTok views for the ad content. The cost for these types of an ad is £32,700 on the UK market per day, which guarantees six million impressions minimum.


  • 3-5 second video or 3-second image without any sounds and music.
  • Internal/external landing pages are accepted.
  • These types of an ad are limited to one promoter per day currently.

3. Top View Ads

An upgraded version of Top View Lite ads is Top View Ads. It increases the following features to stand out.

  • 5-60 second video content with music, sounds, and auto-play options.
  • Supports the Like, Follow, Comment, Share
  • Internal/external landing pages are accepted.

There is no available or clear pricing range for these ads, but it is confirmed that these ads are not cheaper than the Brand Takeover ads.

4. Branded Lenses/Effect

The branded lenses/effect guarantees your company or brand to place in the trending part of the “Discover” page for ten days. The platform allows companies to make and utilize 3D, 2D, and AR(Augmented Reality) on TikTok. The branded lenses/effect enables the TikTok users to engage with brands and use its filters & effects while advertising it. 

These ad prices range from £19,500 – £62,200.


  • 20+ facial expressions and gestures are available to trigger off an effect.

A record says that 65% of TikTok users have used the lenses and face filters. 

5. Hashtag Challenges on TikTok

The easiest method of describing hashtag challenge is through three popular hashtags: #GuacDance, #TikTokTimeOut, #ChipotleLidFlip. All these hashtags are part of the TikTok strategy of Chipotle. It is the first brand to launch a hashtag challenge on the platform and satisfied both the users and brand with the results.

We can run these hashtag challenges free of cost, but most don’t reach out to the brand’s objectives. The sponsored hashtag challenge places your challenge on the “Discover” page for six days, providing maximum engagement and reach.

The price of these sponsored hashtag challenges ranges £77,700 currently on the United Kingdom market.

     Advantages of Branded Hashtag Challenge

  • Reach massive audience
  • Users might follow the business or brand and engage in the future.
  • Produces USG

6. Custom Influencer on TikTok

This ad type works accurately what its name shows. It connects you with targeted audiences via influencers on TikTok. The only thing to do is to pick the right influencers on the platform so that your advertised services or products are related to the influencer’s followers base. The cost for this section will vary according to the influencers and their producing results. 

There are many online tools to find the right influencers for your industry. In some countries, you can join hands with influencers through the TikTok platform itself.