Usage of Non-Woven Filter Felt

Non-woven filter fabric is used for preventing the small particles to go through it, which will purify the air or liquid. In simple words, it is a porous fabric that is useful for filtering and separating components of a liquid.

There are various applications of non-woven filter felt. In this post, I have listed the main applications of the non-woven filter felt.

What is Non-Woven Filter Felt?

The non-woven filter felt is a filter fabric that is used for liquid separation and filtration. Mostly, the non-woven filter felt is made from polyester, polypropylene, or other synthetic nanofibers. The filters are created using a needle punched process along with calendered and signed finishing treatment. Bonfilt.

Thanks to this treatment, the fibers are prevented from being washed away because of high-speed fluid. This is the reason why it is highly effective during the filtration process.

The non-woven filter fabric has a loose fiber structure and the void ratio is high. This helps in improving the carrying capacity allowing the fabric to let the small particles pass through to the deep layer, known as deep filtration. The large particles are trapped on the surface. Since the fiber structure is loose, the deep filter media is blocked slower than the surface filter media.

Application of Non-Woven Filter

A non-woven filter is used in plenty of industries. Here are some of the applications.

Home Industry

The non-woven filter is mostly used in vacuum cleaners. The air in our homes is not clean and contains harmful particles that cause allergies. This became a major concern and the vacuum cleaner manufacturers started using non-woven filters to purify the air you breathe.

Chemical Industry

Everyone knows that filters are used for separating solid particles from liquids. Nowadays, non-woven filters have become popular and are mostly utilized for separating particles. It is used in oil refineries for filtering oil and coal-fired power stations.

Food and Beverages Industry

Another application of a non-woven filter is for purifying process and potable water. For making potable water from various sources like deep groundwater, brackish water, seawater, and others; non-woven filtration is used.

Automotive Industry

In recent times, the automotive industry uses non-woven filter felts. In vehicles, non-woven filter media is used in the oil and fuel filters.

Medical Industry

Moreover, it is widely used in the medical industry. For a long time, the non-woven filter media has been used for making face masks. Face masks are the best way to protect yourself from breathing in harmful vapors, gases, fumes, and dust particles. Not only this, but it is also used to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Face masks such as N95 or higher, are great for controlling the spread of infection. Because of the global pandemic, COVID-19, the use of such face masks has increased.

Therefore, a non-woven filter felt is an excellent way to separate and filter particles from liquids and gases. It has a wide range of applications and is effective in filtering. That is why it is used in various industries like chemical, medical, home, food & beverages, and automotive industries.