What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Reader Glasses Having Anti-Blue Light Features?

Reader glasses are also known as reading glasses, far-sighted glasses or simply readers are the eyeglasses that you might have noticed on the faces of people while reading, viewing mobile, working on a computer or doing needlework.

These glasses are one of the best ways to correct near vision disorder when you do not want to go under the knife or want to stay away from the hassle of wearing contact lenses every day. Not only is it one of the safest measures to correct refraction disorder, but also an easy, hassle free and comfortable instrument that needs zero maintenance.

One of the best things about reader glasses is that it is a one time investment and one of the most cost effective methods of correcting vision. You need not spend a bomb on buying these glasses.

Reader glasses consist of a convex lens in the glasses frame that is thinner from the center and thicker from the edges or the corners. Nowadays, readers are made from high index glasses that are extremely durable and resistant to scratch. Besides, even the strong prescription reading lenses do not appear thick, they look slim and sleek without making your eyes like those oozing out from the frame.

Who should wear reader glasses?

Reading glasses are designed to correct the vision disorder of those individuals who are suffering from either farsightedness or Presbyopia. Farsightedness is the condition of the eyes wherein the person is able to view the objects at distance but is unable to view nearby objects clearly due to the abnormal or irregular shape of the lens of the eyes. On the other hand, Presbyopia is also a vision disorder, however, it is caused due to old age after attaining 40s whereby the lens of the eyes becomes weak and loses its flexibility. 

Thus, you might have generally seen people who are aged wear reading glasses when they need to look at things that are close by such as while reading newspaper or books, cooking and cutting vegetables, doing needlework, knitting etc.  This is because they are facing Presbyopia and believe it or not Presbyopia is something very common after attaining 40s.  You cannot escape from it as it is a natural process of ageing of the lens of the eyes.

In both such conditions, i.e. farsightedness and Presbyopia it is recommended to wear your reader glasses. If possible, individuals having Presbyopia should wear reading glasses the entire day or at least most of the time in a day. This is because due to old age, the condition of the eyes is surely going to deteriorate. However, readers are quite helpful in preventing further enhancement in the prescription of the user.

Moreover, those who work on computers and laptops for extended hours daily should opt for blue light glasses. This is because the blue light and the glares emitted from digital screen devices like computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones etc. are harmful to the eyes. The blue light is the culprit behind causing macular damage, digital eye strain, digital migraine, and also retinal damage.Whereas when the blue light and glares are blocked up to 99.99% through blue light glasses such as those manufactured by Specscart, then your eyes are protected from further damage.


Instead of buying new frame glasses, Specscart gives you the facility of replacing your old glasses with new lenses having a high quality lens with blue light blocking and anti-glare. This is a cost effective method of reusing your old glasses without buying another frame. Moreover, you only have to pay for lenses and blue light features as you get free of cost anti-glare, anti-scratch and anti-UV protection automatically from Specscart. Along with that, you get high index lens glasses delivered to your doorstep with express dispatch in 24 hours.