What Are TheTwo Golden Rules Of Kundali Matching?

The ancient Vedic astrology states that the concept of Kundali matching is very important and vital to make a marriage very successful. The procedure involves a lot of meticulous calculations that will give future glimpse to gear up the potential partners.

The Kundali matching is the first step of marriage and marriage is a big event in the Hindu culture. Marriages are made in heaven they said and the astrologers do a fine job in bringing the destined souls together. The event marriage brings two people of different backgrounds and culture together and there needs to be a common ground for them to find peace in their relationship.

This is where the essence of Kundali matching comes into play. The kundali matching matches the two horoscopes and checks the compatibility between them. There are steps on which the calculations are made and the score is obtained. There are few golden rules on which the kundali matching is checked and verified.

The first golden rule is to check the longevity or the length of existence of either of the partners, meaning how long the bride and the groom will be alive. It is very important as any pre mature death of either of the partners can result in broken marriage. The life span plays an important role to make the future bearable. If one partner dies, the life of the other partner would be difficult to manage.

The essence of being for each other is important in a relationship. The long-lasting marriage will help the bride and the groom to build a family and home where they can be secured and protected. The longevity is the first thing that is checked when the Kundali matching is done.

The second factor is the mental and the psychological health of the two partners. if there are any form of mental disturbance or depression for either of the partners, the relationship can be broken and disturbed. The depressed partner may find it difficult to get back to normal and will also influence their partner and both of them will lose interest in the relationship.

The mental health plays an important role to keep the relationship going. There will be a trouble as the depression and any disturbance in the mental health can be emotionally draining and physically tiring for both of them. For an example, the loss of a child of childhood trauma can affect both of them. They need the strength and ability to cope up and move on in life.

The mental health of both partners needs to be complementing so that they can help each other out any obstacle. Instead of backing out, the less affected partner can help the others to overcome the pain and live a happy life ahead.

The kundali matching is very important to check the above so that the partners can be complementing each other and help each other to grow and live together for really long time. they should have happy and successful marriage.