What characteristics should you look for in language tutors?

Learning a new skill can be a daunting task – especially if you don’t know where to start, how to learn, or who to ask for help. On the same token, teaching a skill can seem even more daunting. Finding a good teacher with admirable qualities that can create a beneficial student-teacher relationship and positive environment is crucial to improving your education.

5 Top characteristics for language tutors

Competence and patience

One of the main requirements for language tutors is to thoroughly know their subject in depth. Knowing details and minute information about a specific subject is what differentiates basic teachers from advanced language tutors. However, just because you know a subject or language so well, this doesn’t mean your students are as proficient in learning the language as you are.

Language tutors need to keep in mind that everyone starts somewhere and everyone’s learning style is different. Many students may enter the course as complete beginners who are unsure of their abilities and nervous to speak a new language. One of the best qualities of language tutors is to improve student’s confidence, remain patient during tough sessions, and inspire the learner to continue with the classes. Read now to find tutors with these amazing qualities at Preply.

Personalize the learning environment

Every student learns differently, whether that be a different teaching style, environment, or teaching speed. Changing the classroom and environment to customize the setting for your specific student can help language tutors best reach their students’ brains and really make an impact.

Remain hopeful during tough times

Just like life, remaining hopeful and positive during and after stressful sessions is important for language tutors to keep their students coming back for more. Your level of hopefulness is contagious and inspires students to learn, helping them believe they can eventually pick up the language and become fluent.

Be passionate

Most language tutors are passionate about the language, speaking the language, and learning – make sure you convey this passion in full force when teaching students as well. If classes are uninspiring, language tutors are not doing their job to promote confidence in their class. However, if the lesson plan is engaging and dynamic, language tutors can help inspire others to become fluent and learn a new skill.

Connect with your Student

By connecting and forming a relationship with students, language tutors can make sure students stay engaged during class. As a good language teacher, make sure students can relate to the language, and apply what they have learned, in real world situations. 

Language tutors can use online tools and interactive programs, like apps and websites, with learner-friendly methods to help connect the students to the language in a deeper manner. It is important that language tutors remain dedicated and take the time to understand WHY the student wants to learn the language. 


Language tutors are a valuable asset for online and in-person learning for students to pick-up and fluently speak a new language. By being confident, inspiring, motivational, hopeful, passionate, and educated about their language, tutors can ensure their students learn to the best of their ability.