Where to Save and Where to Splurge When Travelling

It’s easy to go over-budget while you’re travelling – but sometimes that’s okay, as spending a little extra money can get you access to experiences that will stay with you for a lifetime. Getting the best out of every trip often means recognising where you can cut corners, and where it’s worth putting your hand in your pocket. 

Let’s take a look at where you might make the most important savings, so that your budget can stretch that little bit further where it really matters.

Look for Discounted Travel

The cost of getting from place to place might make up a significant chunk of your total expenses. Anything you can do to cut the cost is therefore usually worthwhile. This doesn’t just apply to overseas travel. If you’re looking for trains to York from London, for example, then you might shop for a deal, and then plan the rest of your trip around a discounted ticket.

Research your Dining Options

If you’re heading to a part of the world which attracts large volumes of tourists, then you’re inevitably going to come across overpriced food. When you’ve been walking around all day, and you’re starting to get hungry, you might make a decision that you later regret! Instead, get a list of local restaurants ahead of time with the best burgers in Cincinnati Ohio.

Great food is something that’s worth spending on, especially if you’ve got a taste for the local cuisine. It’s a crime to visit Naples, for example, without finding somewhere to enjoy a slice or two of pizza.

Money Matters

If you’re going to draw money out of a hole in a wall in a foreign country, then you might find yourself charged a commission fee for currency exchange – and it’s often far in excess of what you’d get elsewhere. For best result, look for cards which are designed with international travel in mind. 

Tour Guides

Guided tours vary tremendously in quality. It’s easy to pay someone a lot of money to walk around and vaguely tell you not very much about anything. On the other hand, a competent guide can take you to places, and provide you with insights that you might otherwise have missed. If you’re going to spend big travelling to an exotic part of the world, then it makes sense to pay a little extra to really see it. Again, make sure that you do your research ahead of time.