10 Fun Ideas to Make Your Family Camping Trip a Success

Getting away from the hassles of city life can be a blessing in itself, therefore, families are opting for camping as their next holiday activity. Not only does it bring you closer to nature but it also provides multiple opportunities to play games and enjoy some leisure time. 

If you think it is hard not to make a camping trip dull, you might need to think otherwise. If you haven’t done your research well, let us tell you about the various interesting activities that can be carried out on a camping trip.

Whether you’ve chosen a splendid national park for camping in Georgia or would like to drive towards the west, follow these ideas to make your camping trip a success:

Involve Everyone

The foremost rule of a family camping trip is to ensure the attention and involvement of everyone. Try to plan out such games and activities where all the members of the family can easily participate. Keep everyone’s interests and preferences in mind so that they do not feel left out. This is one opportunity to improve all the relationships so make sure that it works and you return as one happy family.

Plan Interesting Meal Ideas

The last thing one would want to do after a full day of hiking is to come back and prepare a complete meal. Before leaving for the trip, do as much food prep as possible. This isn’t taking away the fun of preparing meals on the campsite but one must have enough edible items that can be consumed if there is no way to cook food or if the whole family is very tired. Plan out the meals beforehand while keeping everyone’s taste in mind.

Scavenger Hunt

No camping trip is complete without an exciting game of scavenger hunt! Many families plan hiking and biking trips during the day but not even the most beautiful views will be able to retain a child’s attention for long. It is important that they have fun and thrill and what better way could be than planning a scavenger hunt. Make sure to offer a prize or treat for the winner to keep the motivation strong.

Exploring Nature

One thing which makes camping so desirable is that one is surrounded by the most beautiful scenes on earth without any manipulation of its beauty. There is no technology or development so one can easily escape the urban feeling. Explore the flora and fauna of the forest and be amazed by the wonders of nature. Just make sure not to cause any damage to wildlife as you immerse yourself in this beautiful experience.

Allowing Yourself to Relax

Camping is not just about fun and adventure – it is also about having peace of mind and finding time to relax. A lot of people choose camping because they want to enjoy some secluded and free time around nature. Some of the most chilling activities include swinging in a hammock, listening to the sounds of nature, taking as many naps as you would like, stargazing, and floating on the water.

In-camp Activities

There are chances that you might get stuck inside the tent on a rainy day and you would not like to spend such days in boredom. It is better to take cards or board games along with you as they can easily be enjoyed indoors. Reading alone or out loud can also be an interesting activity. You can even take a portable device to watch your favorite movies or shows when confined within the tent.

Around the Campfire

One of the most exciting experiences of camping is hanging around the campfire and making some awesome memories. This is the time when one can get to talk and know more about each other. Interesting games like truth or dare, singing campfire songs, and charades can also be played during this time. One popular activity is to share ghost stories but it should be avoided if there are some faint-hearted in the group.

Divide the Chores

Away from the business of the city and the monotonous routine, a camping trip is a perfect opportunity for a family to bond. Most of the camping sites are now equipped with amenities but some people prefer to make their camping trip more of an adventure. There are still a lot of chores involved in camping and by dividing them amongst different family members, you are allowing them to make things work out together and spend some quality time. 

Have a Few Non-Essential Items

Normally, we keep fewer items while going on a camping trip. One reason is that it allows carrying a minimum load, and on the other hand, we get time for increased involvement around nature. It is expected that children will enjoy the natural playground and find plenty of interesting activities to keep themselves busy. But, a few ‘extras’ don’t hurt as children should be allowed to enjoy themselves however they would like to.

Make Every Moment Count

Take it as a chance to make everlasting memories with people you love the most. From cooking together to playing night games, from cleaning up the mess to wandering in the woods – every activity is to strengthen the love for your dear ones. Enjoy every moment and do not let any setback make you ruin the fun of the trip.


It is integral to carry out proper planning before you head for a camping trip. A single loophole can prove to be a disaster and make this trip a dreadful venture. Ensure that everyone is on board while planning and incorporate the kind of activities and meal plans that will positively contribute to the adventure.

Because of such family camping trips, bonds between families are improved as they get more time to spend with each other. Get to know your children and spouses more and enjoy their hearty laughs amidst some fun games, breathtaking natural beauty, and relaxing activities.