10 Tips for Building Muscle Weight

Many novice athletes ask themselves the question of how to build muscle. Below are 10 effective mass gain tips. 

1. The growing load. Very simple and effective advice, it is necessary to gradually increase the load: increase working weights or increase the number of repetitions. Muscles get used to stress and for them, it ceases to be stress, and for confident muscle growth, constantly increasing weights are simply necessary. Weight training is the best way to build mass.

2. Perform 8-12 repetitions. 8-12 reps in bodybuilding is the most ideal number of reps if you want to build muscle. A small number of repetitions (3-6 times) is necessary to increase the strength of the athlete, but not effective for building mass. Too many repetitions (15-20 times) is effective for working out the relief of muscles and increasing muscle endurance, but is not too optimal for gaining mass and increasing muscle volume. You need to choose the optimal weight for yourself, with which you can perform no more than 12 repetitions, but not less than 8 repetitions. 

3. Perform 6-9 sets (approaches) per muscle group. Many years of experience have proved that such a number of approaches allows you to work out your muscles efficiently and helps to avoid unnecessary release of hormones.

4. Eat Eat Eat. During intense training, you use a huge amount of energy. If an insufficient amount of energy enters the body along with food, the body uses internal energy sources, destroying muscle and fatty tissues. With insufficient food, there can be no question of any muscle growth. The main mistake of novice bodybuilders is poor nutrition. 

5. Protein diet. Muscles are protein compounds. When exercising with weights, the muscles are destroyed. To restore and grow muscle, you need a lot of protein (protein). Beginning bodybuilders take an insufficient amount of protein, and too experienced bodybuilders are very much, which is also bad. The optimal amount of protein for muscle growth is 2.75 grams per kilogram of lean muscle per day. 

An ideal source of protein is protein as a sports supplement. The daily diet should contain eggs, meat, milk, nuts, cereals. 

6. Eat fats. A low-fat diet has a bad effect on the hormonal metabolism of bodybuilders. Fat intake increases the amount of anabolic hormones needed to build muscle. Read the article Cholesterol and Bodybuilding  

7. Drink plenty of water. Maintaining the required water level in the body is one of the main factors leading to an increase in strength and energy. It is necessary to drink a minimum of 2.5 liters of water per day. In the hot season, this figure can increase to 4 liters. 

8. Do not do a lot of cardio exercises. Exercise on the cardiovascular system has a good effect on overall health, but in large quantities it affects muscle growth. If your main goal is to lose weight and burn fat, then you should do a lot of cardio exercises, but if your goal is to build weight, you need to limit them to a maximum of 20 minutes, and perform them immediately after the main training. 

9. Sleep. Sleep is very important for building muscle. During sleep, the lion’s share of growth hormone is produced, which very well affects muscle growth, respectively. Metabolism during sleep slows down, which is great for the restoration and growth of muscle tissue.

10. Relaxation. Stressful situations create a catabolic environment in the body, since stress contributes to the production of the hormone cortisol, the main enemy of the bodybuilder. Try not to be nervous and be calm – your muscles will not make you wait long. Only adhering to these basic rules, you can build muscle for a minimum period of time. If you want to try out, you might consider taking some hgh injections for sale online.