10 Tips for Going Green In 2020

Going green is a great New Year’s resolution not just for you, but for the planet. Small changes to your daily routine like drinking from a reusable water bottle or commuting on electric bikes for adults can add up to significant waste reductions and energy savings. Get started with these 10 ideas for how to lead a greener life in 2020.

  1. Trade Your Daily Commute for a Bike Ride: Is your commute less than 5 miles? Consider switching your daily car ride for a spin on electric bikes for adults. Biking just 10 miles a day on your city bike can save nearly 125 gallons of gas over the course of a year.
  2. Go Veggie for a Few Meals: Meat and dairy consumption comes with a hefty carbon footprint. Eating just a few vegetarian or vegan meals a week can help reduce your use of animal-based products. 
  3. Pack Reusable Items: Cut down your plastic habits by packing a metal, washable straw in a carrying case. Bring your lunch to work in a sturdy lunchbox, rather than using a new brown paper bag each day. 
  4. Switch Up Your Exercise Routine: If your usual fitness routine involves driving to the gym and jumping on an electric treadmill, try taking a cruiser bike out for a ride instead. You’ll save gas and electricity required for your normal workout.
  5. Bring Your Own Coffee: Ditch the paper, waxed-lined to-go cup of coffee for a ceramic mug from home. Brewing your own coffee reduces the waste of cups and liners, and will save you money on a daily basis.
  6. Sip From a Reusable Water Bottle: According to One Green Planet, U.S. consumers go through 1,500 plastic water bottle every second. Take yourself out of that number by carrying a BPA-free water bottle to refill throughout the day.
  7. Ride a Bike for Short Trips: Many car trips, particularly for errands, clock in at just a few miles. Take your bike for a short ride to the grocery store or bank instead, and reduce your creation of carbon dioxide emissions.
  8. Reduce Home Energy Use: Around the house, save energy by reducing your use of heating and air conditioning, and keeping lights and appliances turned off when they’re not in use.
  9. Stash Groceries in Reusable Bags: Keep a bundle of reusable grocery bags in your bike basket or car so you’ll never forget them at home. Reusable bags keep plastic out of landfills. 
  10. Find Something Borrowed: Need to till a fresh garden plot? Mix up a few batches of cookies? Before you head to the store to purchase a new tiller or kitchen stand mixer, consider renting from a local store or borrowing the item from a neighbor. You’ll save money, keep existing items in circulation and make a new personal connection. 

Take daily, small steps toward leading a more sustainable lifestyle, and you’ll do a favor for yourself and the environment. Whether you use to switch your drive to work for a ride on electric bikes for adults or decide to eat vegetarian a few meals a week, every little step helps make a greener planet.