10 tips on arranging furniture in the living room


A creatively, elegant house always needs a full-fledged plan. Minor details like wall color, curtain texture or type of furniture, etc. everything blends to create a perfect looking home. Always remember your living room is going to be the centerpiece of the house. So whatever magic needs to happen, must begin here! Before choosing the right furniture for your living room- wait, think and plan! Look out for your house theme, its tone and then design it with the furniture. Do a bit of research on what kind of furniture you need. Whether you need a classic round arm sofa or the retro square arm sofa? Today, sofas are available in several shapes, patterns and designs. Consider and note down the critical elements like material, texture and tone. Based on these elements, start your hunt for furniture.


Now that you have got the vibe, start working on its placement and arrangement. When designing your room, make sure you serve well in creating the focal point. The focal point is one of the essential element when it comes to house designing. Your focal point must be the first thing to attract the viewer as soon as they enter the room. It must be attractive and should leave the best impression. When it comes to the living room, your furniture can be the best source of that point. Arrange your furniture in a way that it must compliment the other kept pieces. Every piece must complement each other.


What is creativity without a tinge of mix and match? If you are bored with the same old monotonous designs, well then, time for some fun experiments. Create a unique accent with reading chairs and tables. Bring together the best of ottomans, a pair of sofas and a single chair for effect. Create a unique theme.  Add pastels or go dark, bring back the Victorian style or coordinate well with the modern contemporary. Your options are limitless. So, decide your style, work on the theme and create your own masterpiece.

Add a few accessories

Accessories are always an add on. They can enhance the beauty of the whole space and can redefine the entire look. A blend of few accessories like indoor plants, a gallery wall, a piece of art, a comfortable rug, scented candles, floor lamps or bold drapes, etc. Accessories can highlight the overall elegance of the space making your room look more authentic.


You might not be aware, but good lighting can completely change the entire look and feel of the room. White home is a symbol of peace, tranquility and good vibes. Create a mix of overhead lighting, table lamps and floor lamps. Your lights need to be placed at a distinct level to maintain the proper balance. Light up the entire room up with a crystal chandelier, add sconces or even pendant lamps. Try to get as much natural light as possible because no light is better than the natural one.


Foot space is the major consideration while arranging the furniture of your living room. Consider the foot traffic while arranging the furniture as you don’t want to bump into things accidentally or don’t want your living room to look packed and congested. Make sure every piece of furniture is placed at a balanced level, so there’s more foot space to walk and continue your daily activities. Try to maintain the space between the doorways too as improper spacing may lead to further adjustments. If you have a balcony in your living room, try to make it look as spacious as possible. The same with the living room, try to make your space look larger and less clutter-free.


A coffee table with a sofa set is an ideal match. A big coffee table in the middle of the seating area is functional and adds aesthetics to space. It makes the room look more social and leaves plenty of space. You can use it to serve your guests or display it as a fancy accessory. A large coffee table also provides you an extra workspace to continue your everyday routine. You can also use it as a study or can place toffees or fruits to offer your guest. In a way, it proves to be a functional piece for your space.


Maintain a small space between your furniture and wall to avoid paint peeling. Rough and tough use of furniture set near the wall can spoil the outer look of the wall as well as of the room. Keeping a few inches between furniture and wall can give your pieces a little space to breathe, plus it will make your room look bigger.


The dining area is a part of your living room and we are aware of its function. Being the social hub of the room, the dining area requires as much attention like the living room. Make sure the dining table placed there goes well with the room theme. Don’t make the space look packed. Leave enough space between the table and chairs and try to keep the table away from the wall. Give it a spacious and luxurious look.


Too many uneven pieces can make your room look cluttered and mismanaged. Your furniture placement must go hand-in-hand and should give your room a fresh look. Avoid too much of furniture also. And try to keep the look subtle and straightforward.

What theme does your house follow? Let us know in the comment’s section below.