4 Essential Benefits of Health Screening

As of 2019, 5 of the top leading causes of death in Singapore are major cancers, heart attacks and strokes, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Even though the news of this information is troubling, it is important to note that many of these illnesses and diseases can be prevented by early detection. And, this is why the increase in health screenings is essential today.

 With that being said, here are 4 of the top benefits of visiting your doctor for regular health screening.

 1. Lowers the Risks of Serious Diseases and Illnesses

 Because health screenings involve comprehensive physical examinations and diagnostic testing, a family doctor in Singapore can detect illnesses and diseases before they progress into serious medical conditions. For instance, when people are screened for diseases like Diabetes Mellitus as recommended (once every 3 years or as advised by their physician), these conditions can be detected and addressed as soon as possible. In fact, once discovered, the physician may recommend significant changes in their patient’s diet and exercise regimen. Because diabetes is strongly linked to the foods ( i.e. high carb foods) that people eat, dietary changes can help to prevent the disease from progressing needlessly.

 2. Helps with Protecting and Extending Your Lifespan

 When medical problems are found early, the doctor can recommend preventive measures to extend the life of their patients. For instance, if a lump is found during a regular mammogram, the doctor can order additional tests to determine whether the lump is benign. Or, if a specific kind of cancer treatment should be administered.

 Either way, the doctor will work with their patients to find the best treatment that will help the patient live a longer and healthier life. In essence, regular check-ups can detect potentially serious health conditions early, when they are most treatable.

 3. Reduces the Cost of Health Care

 Another benefit of early detection is reducing the total cost of medical care. By finding and identifying the proper treatment for an illness or disease in its earliest stages, the patient can also avoid paying for expensive treatments for chronic illnesses and diseases. For instance, the cost of paying for cancer treatment in stage 1 (highly treatable) is much less than paying for medical treatment in stage 4.

 4. Helps Patients with Managing a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

 First and foremost, these health screenings are a great way to stay in touch with your body. These health screens are not only designed to identify medical problems early but also to make sure your health remains stable.

 Additionally, doctors can help you manage any health issues that you might face in a number of different ways. One of the most important is providing the health education that is needed for your personal benefit. For instance, doctors can help their patients understand what’s normal and how to work toward better health.


 Regular health screenings are beneficial to patients for a wide range of reasons. Because health screenings are designed to detect illnesses and diseases early before they progress, doctors will have an opportunity to prescribe the best treatment for diseases that can be cured. Doctors can also work with their patients to track their health so that the appropriate lifestyle changes can be made proactively instead of after a lot of unnecessary health problems appear. Health screenings are also ideal for ensuring people live a long healthy and fit life.