4 Reasons Why People Love Pods

Podcast has been a talk of the town for a while now, and it’s still experiencing a huge popularity surge. The US alone has over 120 million pods listeners, and while most people already love listening to pods, many also want to learn how to start a podcast using melonapp.com. So why is the podcast so successful despite the stiff competition with other formats like blogs or vlogs on platforms such as YouTube? There are fundamentally four reasons that explain the fondness for this type of audio format.

Time Optimization

We live in an increasingly busy world where a podcast allows people to go about their routine while listening to it. As a result, it doesn’t require a lot of focus, and people can often multitask while listening to it. Eventually, it all adds to time savings, which people love about pods. 

 You can listen to a podcast while doing your homework, dishes, laundry, or much more. Many people do it while getting ready in the morning or on the go. Even when you’re at your job, there are plenty of moments you can take advantage of listening to a podcast.

Constant Learning

Listening to music is lovely, but your mind will work much better if you alternate it with a podcast episode. So that’s what people are using it for. It keeps your brain active with all the information you receive from a podcast and also assists you in increasing creativity.

There are thousands of podcasts globally, and the number is growing rapidly. We can adapt almost all media genres to this format. There are tapes on everything from meditation and physics lessons to stand-up comedies to nutrition and crime investigations. Music podcasts are also on the rise, which is a lot like the usual format for radio broadcasting with DJs. The catch is that you can pause these recordings at any time and listen to them later whenever you want.

Free and Open Access

Some podcasts are paid, but there’s a bunch of others that are completely free and open to access for everyone. You don’t require a set schedule because you can listen to them whenever you desire without spending any penny. Everything that is free and complements your knowledge is of high value. 

Educational and Inspirational Content

Most podcast content is highly specialized, packed with valuable information and experiences. Sometimes, it can become a source of inspiration when you find yourself on a creative block. In addition, you can gain skills from pods or even learn how to start a podcast. 

People love to tell stories, which is why many are attracted to pods. Research at Stanford University has confirmed that information conveyed in a story format increases the listener’s attention from 5-10% to 60-70%. In addition, they can help with psychotherapy. 

A podcast is a free content that you can download and play, just like you do with other formats such as videos or texts. You can download a specific podcast episode, or you can subscribe to various channels to have new chapters downloaded automatically when online. 

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