4 Tips for Writing the Perfect Thank You

Have you thought about writing a thank you card but aren’t certain how to phrase your message or what belongs in the note? If this situation sounds like you, then you’re not alone. Get started with the following four easy tips to help you write the perfect thank you.

Prepare Your Thoughts in Advance

If you want your thank you card to communicate the sentiments you want, start with a template or outline to follow each time you write a note.

Lead your note with a polite greeting. You can begin by writing “dear” or “hello” followed by the name. Then you’ll want to create a clear, concise thank you message.

Continue the body of the message with a few details about the purpose of your thank you note. Close with a phrase such as “yours truly” or “sincerely” followed by your signature.

Be Specific in Your Acknowledgment

If you are writing to tell someone thank you, you want to state why you are extending an acknowledgment. In the body of your message, be certain to tell your recipient specifically why you are saying thank you. 

Remember to specify why you are thankful and what their thoughtfulness means to you. For example, you may be writing to acknowledge receipt of a gift someone has given you for a special occasion or some advice or counsel you received during a tough time. Maybe an individual helped you make a professional connection. Being specific and personal with the reasons for your gratitude will resonate the most with your recipient. These are the basics of writing a thank you note that you should consider before jumping into action.

Be Mindful of Your Tone

While you may encounter many situations that call for expressing gratitude with a thank you note, you’ll want to be mindful about the occasion and your intended audience for your thank you. 

If you are in a more professional setting, then remember to keep a formal tone in your message. Keep your words directed to the situation at hand. If you are in a more familiar situation, such as with friends or family, keep your words friendly and polite. Don’t be afraid to mix in some more personal flair as well.

In any situation, remember to keep the message in your thank you card positive and hopeful. Doing so will help to solidify the relationship you have with your recipient.

Restate Your Thankfulness at the End of Your Note

When thinking about how to sign a card, you want to leave a lasting impression on your recipient. You can make your note memorable by closing it with a second statement of your gratitude. You can achieve this goal simply by reiterating that you are thankful for what someone has done for you, then complete the message with a phrase or word such as “sincerely,” followed by your signature.

Ending the note with a restatement of your thankfulness is a great way to lead into your signature. You should always write your signature, even if you typed the rest of your thank you letter.

When writing a thank you card, be prepared, specific, write with proper etiquette, and be clear with your message from beginning to end. If you follow these steps, you can create the perfect thank you message.