5 Benefits of Wall Mount Fans We Bet You Didn’t Know

Wall mount fans have been one of the most popular appliances that are used in many public places like restaurants and restrooms. But due to advancements in technology and the innumerable benefits they have to offer, wall mount fans are also in high demand by homeowners.

Specific places in your houses like the kitchen, balcony, lobby, terrace and garden may require wall mount fans. If your home has a basement, a wall mount fan will be perfect to install in that area. To help you understand the benefits of a wall mount fan, we have come up with this guide highlighting all the points you may not have known till now.

Image Source: Luminous

There are numerous reasons why you can choose to use a wall mount fan for ventilation in your home. These fans are equipped with high capacity motors and the latest technology to provide ventilation and cool air in the room.

A wall mount fan also works in a unique way, when compared to other fans as it pushes the air horizontally instead of in a downward direction which helps decrease the temperature. This is a useful appliance that can be used in commercial places as well as your residential facilities.

Benefits Of A Wall Mount Fan

1. Operations and wiring

A wall mount fan does not individually require hardwiring for installation. Typically, these fans work by plugging them in a power outlet attached to the wall. So, if your ceiling is especially high or you do not have specific wiring in place for a ventilation system, a wall mount fan is the smartest choice for you. They are extremely efficient as well as long-lasting and don’t require any complicated installation procedures.

2.  Air circulation

In a wall mount fan, air circulation is one of the best and most unique features. Unlike ceiling fans, they do not push the air in the room in a downward direction. Instead of pushing it downward, the air is moved all across the room horizontally with the help of a wall mount fan. This kind of air circulation helps create a cooling effect in your room by removing the warm air from the area.

3.  Wall mounting

Apart from all the benefits regarding the cooling process, installing a wall mount fan helps us save a lot of floor or table space in our homes. Some fans like table fans and pedestal fans require extra space. As wall mount fans are installed on the wall with no extra wiring, they do not occupy any floor space which can be used for furniture or other house equipment.

4. Size

Sometimes it may be difficult to ventilate the corners and smaller spaces in the house with the help of a ceiling fan or a table fan. The size of a wall mount fan is smaller in comparison to other fans. It can easily fit in any oddly shaped corner and provide air in areas that are slightly harder to reach.

5. Energy savings

A wall mount fan has a smaller motor in size and capacity than other kinds of fans. This maximizes the energy-saving levels as the fan consumes less power. In addition to this, wall fans can be used in combination with air conditions during peak summers to beat the scorching heat – which helps cool the room efficiently and enables significant reduction in power consumption. Due to the decreased power consumption, you can save a lot of money on your utility bills as well.

Now that you know the advantages of a wall mount fan, you can do your research to make an informed purchase for your home. As numerous manufacturers sell wall mount fans nowadays, you should consider all the factors and explore options from trusted brands such as Luminous. They specialize in home appliances and provide good quality fans for our homes, all at reasonably affordable prices. So, please don’t wait, explore their website and find your perfect wall mount fan today!