5 Of The Best Pop Culture Inspired Fashion Trends

Pop culture has been inspiring fashion trends for decades, it is an outfit for creativity and self-expression. Over the years many pop artists have inspired new styles, think of Twiggy’s bold makeup in the 60s or Michael Jackson’s striking leather jackets.

Fashion is constantly evolving, and celebrities are often the ones driving change. Fans see their favorite musicians and tv stars online and in magazines and are inspired to try and replicate their best looks. 

Here are just five fashion trends that have emerged in recent years as pop culture idols have inspired others to try out their most iconic looks:

Biker style

Biker style has been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Biker looks are often considered very rock and roll, they are both practical and comfortable with items made from durable materials such as leather and denim.

One artist that has helped make this trend popular is one of the ultimate kings of rap Kanye West. West is often pictured in leather biker jackets; he even donned a leather jacket for his wedding to Kim Kardashian. More recently, he was pictured at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 show for Paris Fashion Week with Julia Fox in matching top-to-toe black leather.

Black leather isn’t the only way to pull off the biker look. Biker jeans, also known as moto jeans, are reminiscent of 60s and 70s denim trends but with a more modern twist.

These jeans are often distressed and have textured stitching for a stand-out casual look, they are either slim fitting or skinny fitting in most cases. Biker jeans come in every shade of denim you can imagine, from acid wash light blue to dark navy and black.

70s style sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just for eye protection, many pop icons sport sunglasses as a part of a well put-together outfit. In recent years, 70s style shades have made a real comeback.

Singer The Weeknd is known for favoring a maximalist look and large 70s sunglasses and a regular feature in his style choices. Fashion forward female celebs like Selina Gomez and Gigi Hadid have also been pictured in this style.

Men’s jumpsuits

The origin of the jumpsuit may have come from the aviation industry, where jumpsuits were worn by pilots and parachute jumpers, but this style has evolved beyond its practical uses and become a popular choice in high fashion.

While jumpsuits are most popular in women’s fashion, pop icons like British singer Harry Styles have paved the way for men to wear jumpsuits too. One of Harry’s most stylish looks was his Gucci black all-in-one worn at the 2019 Met Gala.

Another unforgettable look was his rainbow sequin jumpsuit that the star sported at Coachella festival. The piece had a deep v neckline, a popular choice in many of Harry’s on stage looks.

Shirt under knitted jumper

Shirts under knitted jumpers are the ideal choice for smart casual occasions during the cooler months. This look is particularly popular with the members of K-pop band BTS, they often combine casual and more structured pieces for an effortless chic style. For example, blazers with high-neck sweaters are also a go-to BTS look for television and award show appearances. 

Floral fashion

Lastly, florals are making a comeback and pop sensation Pharrell Williams is known for pulling off floral patterned suits and jackets. 

His bold Chinese floral blue patterned bomber jacket sold out online soon after he was papped wearing it. Florals are an eye-catching spring and summer print that are surely an upcoming trend in men’s fashion.

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