5 Reasons Time Tracking Software Can Benefit Freelancers

If you are a freelancer and looking forward to organizing your schedule, time tracking software can do wonders for you! You might have spent hours working on a project and still may be left with loads of tasks. Slow progress can lead to client complaints, delays in raising invoices and getting paid, and getting stuck in the cycle of low productivity.

You might feel that you are successfully controlling your time, but you need to make some changes if it is not getting you real results. Here are some ways time tracking software can simplify your freelance journey.

1. Say Yes To Smart Work

Well, at some time, we all have glorified hard work. It is a great idea, too, if you are struggling to make ends meet. However, a better alternative is to work smart. For this, you can use project estimation software with time tracking functionalities. You can use it to track your working hours and automate processes, like:

  • Logging work hours irrespective of your location
  • Generate and send invoices in few clicks
  • Keep progress records
  • Build your portfolio and share it with your clients

This will help you organize your work and get more done in a lesser amount of time.

2. Fulfill on Deadlines

For a new freelancer setting work targets and meeting them is not easy. Time tracking software can help you streamline your workflow and achieve much more. Reaching milestones and meeting deadlines is an essential aspect of your career development.

Time tracking will let you visualize your progress and give you data-driven insights into your performance. Moreover, linking your income goals and performance will make it easier to make changes as required.

3. Increase Your Revenue

Time tracking software has the potential to impact your income flow. When you get more time on hand, you can take up more projects and earn more money. Besides the earning factor, you get to focus more on projects that are worth your time.

For instance, if you are a content writer, you may have two clients, and you charge them $1000 and $1500 for a batch. You can use your tracking reports and see that client A requires 5 hours of your workday.

At the same time, it is possible, client B has complex requirements, and you spent 10 hours on that project. Therefore, you will realize that client A gets you $200/hour while client B gets you a lesser amount.

With all this knowledge, you can create accurate estimates and bill your clients for your actual time. Thus, time tracking software is a great tool to make money and save it.

4. Easy Invoice Conversion

Time tracking and invoicing should ideally go hand in hand. However, in the past, freelancers were billed by the hour and had to log their work hours manually. This was done by hand or in spreadsheets.

Moreover, it resulted in calculation mistakes and lost profits. Luckily, now we have project estimation software and other tools to simplify their process.

Moreover, there are a lot of time tracking solutions with built-in invoicing features. Not only do they help you calculate the time spent on a specific task, but they can also convert this data into an invoice in a single click.

5. Eliminate Procrastination

Well, you sit down on your desk daily, fully geared to make progress and complete that project. However, before you get in that deep work mode, you decide to take a minute and check your social media.

After that, you see an anniversary notification of a friend and remember that you need to buy them a present. Post that, you check out the online store and look for a good gift. Before you realize you have successfully wasted 2 hours, where you should have focussed on the project.

Well, you are not the only one guilty of it. It happens with almost every freelancer. This is a problem area that project estimation software can improve. While freelancing brings in immense flexibility, not having someone to hold you accountable can invite procrastination.

Time tracking software doubles up as your virtual manager and makes you sure you progress. These apps even come with a reminder feature so that you don’t get distracted. Instead of solely depending on your mind to resist temptation, you can partner with a time-tracking solution!

Wrapping Up

Mark our words, using project estimation software and time tracking solutions can exponentially increase your project. Irrespective of your profession, having a sound balance between your time and work can bring in great benefits.

For instance, developers and graphic designers are often billed by the hour. Getting started with time tracking is an easy way to organize your freelance career. Go ahead and invest in one to know more about time tracking and its benefits!