5 Reasons Why Human Translators Are Better Than Google Translate For Your Business

Here’s a fact: English isn’t used in all geographies worldwide. Other languages are still an important aspect of several businesses. You need to consolidate your translation strategy if you want to expand your business to countries like Spain, Italy, and Brazil, where local languages are important in business operations. And while you may be tempted to invest in software that translates several languages, there may be a better alternative: Human Translators. They are more reliable and accurate than the software and can also increase your brand’s reputation in the market. Here are various reasons you should consider using human translators to help you with your business translation. Take a look. 

Human Translators Understand the Local Culture and Ethics

When you use software to translate, there’s always the risk of cultural inaccuracies. This is because different cultures have different values, customs, and traditions. On the other hand, a human translator can understand the nuances of the local culture and translate your documents accordingly. For example, a human translator will know when to use formal or informal language, which can make a big difference in your target market. This way, you can be sure that your translated document won’t offend anyone in the target country.

Human Translators Can Provide Accurate Translations

Software programs like Google Translate often make mistakes when translating documents from one language to another. So if you want a phrase like “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” to be translated accurately, you’re better off using a human translator. This is because human translators better understand grammar, syntax, and sentence structure. They can mix and match the phrases to suit the content and spot errors that software programs may miss.

Human Translators Can Help You Save Money

You may think that translation agency services are more expensive than software programs. But in the long run, they can actually help you save money. They provide accurate translations, which can help you avoid costly mistakes and back and forths. Also, if you use a software program to translate your documents, you may have to hire someone to proofread the translations. This will add to your costs. But with human translators, you can be sure that the translations are accurate and don’t need to be proofread.

Human Translators Are Subject Matter Experts

When it comes to technical translations, you may have difficulty giving the right inputs to the software. This can make the process hectic and time-consuming. Not to forget, there’s also the risk of making mistakes. On the other hand, human translators are subject matter experts. They can understand the technical jargon and can provide accurate translations. They can also help you with the localization of your content, which is crucial if you want to expand your business to new markets.

Human Translators Can Meet Your Deadlines

When you use software to translate, there’s always the risk of the translations taking longer than expected. This can happen if the software program doesn’t work as efficiently as it should or if there are technical glitches. Moreover, you might have to do a lot of edits or generate new translations from scratch if you aren’t satisfied with the translated output. On the other hand, human translators can help you meet your deadlines. They will work with you to understand your requirements and deliver the translations on time.

Final Word

These are some reasons you should use human translators for your business translation needs. They provide accurate translations, understand the local culture, and can help you save money in the long run. So if you want to expand your business to new markets, use human translators.