5 Roofing Trends You Can Expect to See in the Year 2023

Every year, the roofing industry sees new trends take hold. And as we move into 2023, there are five specific trends that are poised to dominate the market. So whether you’re a homeowner in need of a new roof or a contractor who wants to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to be aware of these trends.

And while you want your house to look modern and up-to-date, you still want your roofing to serve its purpose and be protective. So, let’s look into some trends for 2023.

Flat Roofs

Traditionally, the industry has been dominated by sloping roofs with a sharp angle. However, we have seen more and more flat roofs recently and expect their popularity to grow even more this year. This is primarily because they’re easy to build, maintain, and install. Plus, they’re far less likely to suffer any damage from extreme winds.

However, it’s important to note that they’re more susceptible to leaks during heavy rains. So if your rooftop is already leaking after a storm, be sure to hire a professional immediately before the problem gets worse.

Make sure to research different contractors because not everyone knows how to deal with flat roofs. For example, Roofing, Repair & Replacement in Columbus, OH is an option if you live in the area.

Sustainable Roofing Materials

While most homeowners focus primarily on durability and aesthetics, there’s also a growing demand for sustainable materials. This is especially true in parts of the country that are highly susceptible to hurricanes and other harsh weather conditions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of eco-friendly materials available these days. Many contractors offer low-maintenance options such as cork, clay, and metal. However, traditional asphalt shingles are still the most popular material.

Textured Roofing

If you want a unique and distinctive look for your home, consider pairing any flat roof with textured shingles. This is a great option if you’re tired of the traditional asphalt shingle look and don’t mind spending some extra money on your roof.

While these textures can give any house an instant facelift, they can be rather pricey. However, they’re also extremely durable and offer great energy efficiency if you live in a hot climate.

Green Roofs For A Greener Future

Finally, if you want a truly sustainable option that will keep your house eco-friendly for decades to come, consider investing in a green roof. Green roofs provide great insulation from the heat and can help to reduce your energy bills each month. Plus, they’re made from organic materials better for the environment.

However, these are far more expensive than traditional options, so only consider them if you’re serious about making your home eco-friendly.

Solar Panels

If you’re planning to invest in a green roof, you might also want to consider installing solar panels. These rooftop energy sources can truly help you reduce your carbon footprint and power your home with renewable energy.

However, if they aren’t compatible with the style of your house or your budget won’t allow for them, don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to incorporate solar power into your home. All you need is the right contractor that knows how to include these panels the right way regardless of the shape of your roof.