5 Smart Tips To Use PR As Effective SEO Tool

Aside from having the reputation of being the most populated city in Australia, Sydney is also known for having the largest economy in the country. It has plenty of commercial districts within and outside New South Wales’ capital city. Some of the biggest business areas in the city include Parramatta and Chatswood. Due to its strategic location, plenty of multinational companies choose to build their headquarters in the city since its time zone covers the closing hours of North American markets and the opening times of European industries. 

One of the emerging industries that operate in Sydney is the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) sector. Since more businesses in the city rely on SEO Sydney services to improve their website’s online reputation and marketing strategies, more agencies are starting to offer services that could serve these purposes. 

Nowadays, one of the top priorities of companies offering SEO Sydney services is to help their clients in boosting their Google SEO standings. It will allow businesses to enhance their credibility and authority for online searches. 

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There are plenty of SEO strategies to help improve a brand’s Google SEO. But not everyone considers PR as an efficient tool for this purpose. This traditional marketing strategy may be around for ages, while SEO is relatively new. However, SEO service providers may combine traditional and contemporary marketing strategies to help improve the SEO of a Sydney-based business.

Tip #1: Find The Right Keywords

One of the first steps to make PR an efficient SEO too is to figure out the right keywords used by the searchers to find products and services that they need. Then they can come up with content that they can post on the website or the brand’s social media pages using the identified keywords.

The SEO service provider that creates the content must be consistent with the script and maximise the use of the keywords repeatedly. They can also take advantage of Google’s Keyword Planner to know which keywords are best for the website. However, they must also remember to avoid going overboard with the keywords, since the algorithm of Google can identify keyword stuffing. 

Tip #2: Allocate A “Media Room” On The Website

The client’s website must have a dedicated page for all the press releases and news posts about the brand. It must contain all the most recent announcements that the company wants the public to know immediately, especially if there is an ongoing promotion or special releases that are time-sensitive. 

It should also include downloadable photos and logos to let other journalists get those images when writing an article about the brand’s new updates without any problems. The media room must be easily accessible by anyone who visits the site for various reasons. 

Tip #3: Create Press Releases For Every New Development

Businesses in Sydney must constantly publish press releases for all the recent changes in the company. Whether somebody from the staff won an award, got invited to speak at an online meeting, or hire a brand-new person to fill in a vacant post should be mentioned in the press release. 

After writing this content, the SEO strategist must publish it in the dedicated media room of the company’s website. They can also send a copy of the press release to the journalists so they can also publish it in papers or other news sites.  

Tip #4: Use LinkedIn

SEO companies must ensure that their clients have a noteworthy LinkedIn profile that mentions all the vital information about the brand. It must also include all the essential keywords to make it appear in the search engine rankings. 

Also, having a wide LinkedIn connection can be beneficial for the company, It will boost the brand’s credibility, especially if its followers are composed of people who belong in their field of specialisation. 

Tip #5: Connect Through Twitter

Companies can reach out to journalists online to increase their publicity reach by connecting through Twitter. They can send professional journalists a direct message to inform them about possible article ideas. 

The SEO professionals may also follow the popular #PRRequest or #JournoRequest hashtags to look for journalists to cover the company’s special announcements.

All these tips can help an agency that offers SEO services in Sydney to use PR for the benefit of their clients. These practices can help generate backlinks to the website and other online resources. When done properly, it can lead to potential customers and close profitable transactions. It will also enhance the company’s visibility in search engines, increase inbound traffic, and widen brand awareness. 

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