5 Things to Do Now to Prepare for Christmas

1. Organizing Your Existing Stash

Before you spend more money on Christmas gifts, décor, wrapping paper, or other essentials, have a look at the holiday inventory you currently have. When doing this, get rid of broken items or things that are past their prime and keep things that you are going to use during the upcoming season. When organizing, you can do it by color and type and untangle any lights and ornaments. It is best to use clear containers when considering storage solution because it will make things easier when locating stuff. You should be making notes of the items you are going to replace or purchase to bring your vision to life. Get everything you need for Christmas at great prices at Surplus Network.

2. Buying Gifts During Christmas in July Sales

Retail is very slow during the summer. People are looking to spend their money on experiences such as vacations instead of products. This is why retailers look for ways of encouraging buyers to shop with them, and this is why Black Friday in July sales and Christmas in July sales have become very popular.

These sales are going to provide you with the chance of stocking up on a wide range of items, especially for people looking to gift their friends and family personal electronics as Christmas gifts. Best Buy has hosted such sales in the recent past. Amazon has also been doing this during the mid-summer holiday in a sale known as Prime Day.

Prime members have the chance of shopping for a wide range of items from the comfort of their own home and watching for advance alerts on discounts on some of the most popular electronics on Amazon, e.g. Alexa, Echo, Fire tablets, Kindle, etc.

Amazon is not the only retailer with Christmas in July sales. Other retailers such as Nordstrom, OVC, and Macy offer their customers big summer shopping sales. There are some retailers who jump on these sale competitions because they don’t want to be left behind, some of them include Target, Best Buy, and Walmart. There are some categories that do better when it comes to the best deals than others. Annual summer sales are great for electronics, sporting gear, fitness, outdoor home, travel deals, and garden décor.

3. Picking Up Hostess Gifts

Summer can also be a good time to collect hostess gift. You should look at luxury candles, lovely bottles of wine, wine stoppers, elegant picture frames, barware, sweet mugs, and flower planters. If you feel like it, you can start wrapping the gifts in advance so that you will be ready when the time comes. A classic choice for wrapping gifts is using brown paper packages then tying it up using a string. You should also stick a Post-it note on the gifts with more information because the last thing you want is gifting someone a gift that is not theirs. Before you give out the gift, make sure you have removed the post-it note because you don’t want anyone to see it when they get their gift.

4. Start Prepping DIY Gifts

If you are the type of person who prefers giving out homemade food items such as sweet jams, pickled vegetables, or handmade items such as scarves, paintings, or soaps, the best time to start the mission is now. You need to have all the supplies needed ready with enough time to do everything before the holidays come. This doesn’t mean you have to complete everything in the summer, but you should have a plan to follow so as to ensure things are on schedule and you don’t have to stress yourself at the last minute. Women are a fan of surprises, and if you are looking for ways to surprise them, placing a few cute little gifts in stocking fillers for women would be lovely.

5. Planning Christmas Cards

If you decide to wait till November or December before getting the Christmas card family portraits taken, you will be late. Taking photographs will require a little planning because you have a lot of outfits to choose from and locations too. You will also need to find the right photographer and book an actual session. You need to think about the time it takes for the images to be processed, go through the proofs, and ordering the cards. There are some photographers who will have Christmas in July sessions that come with the props, but a summer family portrait is going to be great too.

You will also need to go through the addresses of your loved one to make sure everything is up to date. You can also add new family members to your list.