Maintenance Services are Necessary for HVAC Systems

To ensure the longevity of the HVAC systems in a commercial establishment, maintenance services are necessary. Even if there are no visible problems, you still have to maintain the units. Besides, the maintenance cost is cheaper than repairs. A well-maintained unit also consumes less energy than a poorly maintained one. These are the maintenance checks required for HVAC systems

Air filter replacement 

Air filters capture dust and could be a mould food source. You have to clean them every 3-4 weeks if possible. After six months, you need to have new air filters. It depends on the dirt load present in the air filter. 

Condenser coils and evaporators 

The condenser coil gets exposed to outdoor air. Hence, it suffers from degradation as a result of dirt piling up. It may not affect the quality of air indoors, but it still requires regular cleaning. It helps improve energy efficiency. You also have to treat coils with antimicrobial cleaners to prevent the growth of mould. 

Refrigerant level

If the refrigerant present is either too much or too little, it could make the system work inefficiently. The unit won’t last long, and the energy costs will begin to skyrocket. You have to check it as often as possible.

Electrical connections

Maintenance also requires tightening of electrical connections. Loose connections could shorten the life of the units. They could also increase the chances of faulty electrical wiring that may be a fire hazard. 

Blower housing

This part is crucial in ensuring that the unit will last long. If it’s dirty, it could decrease airflow. It promotes the failure of compressors and freezing of the coils. The cost of running the units will also increase. Clean and adjust the blower regularly so there will be proper airflow, and comfort levels will increase. 

Blower belts

For blower belts, annual replacement is necessary. Regular wear and tear makes them wear out within a year. In some instances, it needs to be replaced twice a year. Some HVAC systems operate extensively and could place more pressure on the blower belts.

Voltage imbalance

Any electrical device, especially one running a motor, won’t function properly with imbalanced voltage. If there’s a high voltage, it could cause overheating. As a result, the motor controllers will suddenly shut down.

Air ducts 

Air ducts have no scheduled cleaning requirements. It depends on the maintenance of the entire system and the frequency of use. The recommendation is to inspect the ducts every two years. If there’s contamination, cleaning is necessary. 

Maintaining the unit depends on the parts. Some of them require regular checking or replacement, while others only once a year. Trust the experts in doing this job. You have to hire people who can guarantee that the HVAC systems will keep running for a long time. You spent a lot to install them, and you don’t want to see them go because of poor maintenance. You can check out air conditioning Kent companies if you need help in installing HVAC systems now.