5 Things to Do With Your Junk Car

Make the most out of that old junk car taking up space on your property. There are lots of possibilities for the vehicle, all better options than allowing the vehicle to remain in its current location. Check out the five possible ideas for getting rid of a junk car below and reclaim the aesthetic appeal and space on your property.

1- Part it Out

Junkyards resell used car parts. They need parts to sell. As a result, they’re one of the first sources to turn to when you need to get rid of a junk car. Parting out the car to a junkyard can put serious cash in your hands. Another person also benefits from the sale should they need the part for their vehicle. Some junk yards pay cash for entire cars. They offer a price for the car based on its scrap value. Shop around with a few junkyards if parting out the junk car is the ideal option for your needs.

2- Donate It to a Local Charity

Although a vehicle donation won’t put money in your pocket, it will make you feel good since you are helping a worthy cause. Depending on the vehicle’s condition, you can donate it to a charity or even a local mechanic school that can use it to teach students about vehicle repairs. Check out some of the charities in the area and find a cause that is close to your heart to make the donation. You may receive a tax receipt to use on your taxes for a nice tax break if you donate the vehicle to a local 401(k) charity.

3- Upcycle the Junker

Have you tried your hand at upcycling? It is a fun, creative way to reuse all of the things that you’ve bought over the years, including a car. You’ll need to put your creativity to work to upcycle the car, but the endless possibilities are sure to make you smile. Use the tires to create tire swings for the kids. Refurnish the parts and put them on display. Open a personal motor museum. There are many ways to upcycle a junk car, so put on your thinking cap and give that car a second life! Upcycling is fun and exciting and serves a wonderful purpose! It is a win for all!

4- Trade-in

Looking to buy a new or used car? Why not use the junk car as a trade-in at the dealership? Many dealers accept junkers in any condition, even those that are non-operable. Pay attention to the TV commercials and rush to the dealer if you find one of those ‘We take all trade-ins’ deals. That is an offer that you cannot refuse. It never hurts to find out if the vehicle is of value to the dealership when car shopping. You might be surprised to learn the actual value of the car -and save money on a down payment in the process.

5- Sell it as Junk

Cash for car buyers come to your location to buy junk cars. They buy cars that they fix up to resell. Sometimes the cars are parted out and sold over time. When you call a cash for car buyer, they’ll come to the location of the vehicle and inspect its condition before offering a cash amount for the car. There is no obligation to accept the offer if it does not suit your needs. Many people prefer this option because it is fast and hassle-free. Most sellers agree they get a fair value for their car.

When a car no longer benefits your family or lifestyle, put the ideas above to work and get that junker off your property. The possibilities above are among the many things that you can do with the junk car. Which option best suits your needs? Learn more about each option and get rid of that junk car without delay.