5 Tips to keep your bathroom super clean with low maintenance

Keeping your bathroom clean and tidy is no easy task. Such a small space can hold so much room for clutter, mess, and even mold and dirt build-up. If you don’t have an avid obsession with compulsive cleaning, you might find it hard to keep a neat space. Whether it’s faulty shower seals that leak water or tile grouts that collect dirt, there’s so much room for disarray. Therefore, here are 5 tips to keep your bathroom super clean with low maintenance. 

Use ShowerGuard

If cleaning your glass shower doors is a big concern of yours, then you will definitely benefit from ShowerGuard technology. Glass, as a material, especially attracts all kinds of stains, both the faint and the stubborn ones. Accordingly, built-up dirt resulting from these can be hard to remove, even if you use the most powerful cleaning agents.

In fact, there are three main water type residues that you are most likely to find on the surface. Soft water, hard water, and high silica. First, the soft water spots can come off with soap and water. Second, hard water spots can come off using a vinegar and water solution.

Now, lastly, high silica is the most stubborn of all stains and will not come off using an acidic cleaner. So this type of residue requires a mild abrasive solution to disintegrate. Mind you, periodic maintenance of your glass doors means you have to do that every 10 to 15 showers. This does seem like an awful lot of time spent cleaning.

So, why not cross this relentless chore off your list for years to come? No, this isn’t too good to be true. ShowerGuard is a technology that binds a protective coating with the glass during the process of manufacturing. This will not only eliminate glass corrosion factors but also those that cause a dulled or discolored appearance.

In addition to that, using ShowerGuard makes your glass doors much more resistant to stains and scum residue. At Fab Glass and Mirror, you will get a lifetime warranty on ShowerGuard. So, you never have to worry about the hassle of keeping your shower doors polished.

Use extra-large bathroom tiles for minimal chances of tile grout

Choosing a large format for tiles in your bathroom will result in fewer grout lines. So, in addition to making the bathroom space look larger, it also means less maintenance. Whether it’s a wall or floor tiling, we all know how tiring and frustrating grout cleaning can be.

Every time you take a shower, your tiles will collect humidity and steam. This, in turn, can cause stains and mildew to grow. Not just that, but the space between each tile will be more prone to collecting dirt and grime. Moreover, you will always have to deal with the perpetual chore of deep cleaning the grouts.

This is a highly time-consuming task, not to mention how irritating it can be. So, to minimize cleaning time and maximize quality self-care and relaxation time, opt for extra-large tiles. Ultimately, these will provide you with the easiest cleaning routine.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure is easier to clean and maintain

Framed shower doors have tracks that tend to collect water, soap scum, and mold. On the other hand, frameless shower enclosures are the easiest to clean and maintain since they don’t have those tracks.

So, the lack of a frame means there are fewer crevices where grime, mildew, and dirt can reside or grow. With no metal frame and minimal hardware, your frameless glass shower enclosure doesn’t stand the risk of corrosion either.

This makes frameless shower doors the best option to go for when you’re worried about cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, despite the high price tag, you won’t have to replace the shower doors for a very long time. So, this makes it worth the investment further down the line.

Use Shower Seals to avoid water leaks outside the shower enclosure

While frameless shower doors are sturdy and reliable, they can often result in water leaks due to lack of frame. So if you struggle with water leaking through your shower enclosure, don’t give up just yet! There’s an easy and affordable way to stop the water from spilling outside. Shower seals are the best instrument to use in this case. They’re rather simple to install and they will solve this issue once and for all.

How to attach Shower Seals to a frameless shower door?

You can prevent water spilling using three different acrylic sweeps. Bottom sweeps or bottom seals, side sweeps also known as acrylic seals, and door stops or door jambs. These acrylic seals are available at Fab Glass and Mirror in different sizes/ thicknesses to best accommodate your shower enclosure. Here are the steps to follow and properly attack these shower seals.

  1. Start by removing the old sweep or seal.
  2. Clean the glass edge of the shower door. You can also use a glass-safe scraper to remove any dirt. Then clean with a solution and a clean cloth. Now wipe until dry.
  3. Take accurate measurements of the sweep at the bottom of the glass. For a better reading, measure your seal against the edge of your glass door. Then cut that using cutting pliers. The side of the plastic sweep should be facing inside the shower.
  4. Slide the seal into the bottom of the glass door all the way in. If you did it correctly, it should be flush and tapping onto the door.

How to clean & maintain frameless glass shower door with minimum efforts  


Cleaning frameless glass shower doors has never been easier. Now, using our premium glass cleaner, you can get that spotless finish with minimal effort. After each shower, take a clean cloth and spray our cleaning agent on the surface glass. You can also use a squeegee to get rid of all moisture. Follow that up with a few swipes using a dry cloth. There you go! Your shower glass doors are now squeaky clean and sparkling new. Make sure to repeat this process as often as you can, in order to maintain a polished appearance.

Use Glass Cabinets to keep bathroom items safe and clean

The best way to keep your bathroom super clean and tidy is to reduce clutter. Bathroom spaces tend to be very limited. So even a towel on the floor might make the room look instantly messy. Let alone products and toiletries scattered around the shower and bathroom sink. However, if you want to maintain an organized bathroom, the most efficient way to do that is by installing readymade glass cabinets. This will help you keep everything sorted and separated for easier maintenance and a beautiful looking bathroom.