5 Top Companies Focused on Men’s Health Products

Men’s health is a category that was left neglected for the longest time. In recent years, many companies have addressed this trouble, putting good money into the development of men’s health products, especially when it comes to aging. Today, there are five companies that stand out as the best in men’s health products.

If you’re interested in learning more about the top five companies focused on men’s health products, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about the best companies ready to take men’s telehealth into the future.

1. Vault

Vault has only been around for five years, founded in 2018 by Jason Feldman. This online service provides at-home visits and virtual follow-up appointments for physical and cognitive issues, along with sexual troubles men face. The experience with this company is well-rounded and focused on the individual.

First, patients connect with a health provider and give a blood sample for further health information. The patient is shipped their lab work and a doctor’s approval of their recommended plan, after which the treatments are delivered right to the patient. They then continue with in-person and online visits. It’s a quality system, ideal for men’s health.

2. Ezra AI

Ezra AI was founded in 2018 by Emi Gal. This company works as a direct-to-consumer business for cancer screening, using MRI and AI to provide accurate screenings with an emphasis on prostate screenings for men. They understand men are less likely to go to the doctor and want to reduce unnecessary deaths from a lack of doctor visits.

Patients schedule an appointment and then head to an imaging facility. They get a scan done, then head home. When the results are ready, the patient will receive the images and speak to an Ezra professional to go over what was seen on the scan. It’s a simple way to check for cancer in men and will make a massive difference in the future.

3. Ro

Ro is a trailblazer in the medical telehealth world for men. It was founded in 2017 by Zachariah Reitano. Ro is the overarching company, but their main focus is Roman. Roman is a digital health clinic for men. It helps with issues like testosterone support, bone health, prostate health, stress relief, heart health, hair loss, skin treatments, and sexual health.

Patients submit for an online visit and hear back from a provider within a day of submitting their request. The Ro Pharmacy Network then prepares, packs, and ships the prescription within two days of the request at the approval of a professional. Unfortunately, they don’t take insurance, but it will be exciting to see where the Ro network goes for men.

4. Hims

Hims is another prominent company in the men’s health world. This company was founded in 2017 by Andrew Dudum. It focuses on products for men who deal with hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and skin care. They also recently took a jump into mental health, something only recently brought into the spotlight for men. Men can participate in group therapy through Hims.

This company operates through a telemedicine approach. Patients speak to a professional online, then receive their prescriptions in the mail. This tactic permits faster diagnosis and cheaper prices for the products. They cover many areas of health trouble for men, and they will likely expand as health for men advances in the online world.

5. Nu Image Medical

Last up is Nu Image Medical, run by CEO Andreas Dettlaff. This company focuses on weight gain, hair thinning and loss, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, insomnia, and hormonal imbalances, all in a discreet and online telehealth format. They provide multiple programs to combat these issues and develop new ones based on customer desires and suggestions. They seek to improve the quality of life for all their patients.

Nu Image Medical is at the forefront of the men’s telehealth market, working with futuristic technology while still maintaining a personal touch. They ensure all patients across the country can obtain high-class care as long as they have a device with access to an internet connection. Telemedicine is the future for men’s health products, and Nu Image Medical is leading the way.

Final Thoughts

Men’s health products were overlooked and untouched for a long time, but the past decade brought a significant increase in awareness and solutions to the market. These five companies stand out as the best of the best, prepared to pave the way for men’s health and telemedicine. The future of men’s health is bright.