6 Reasons Asset Protection Is Important

If you have a considerable number of properties and businesses, you must also be aware of the risks. If you’ve amassed so much debt, there’s a possibility that you may lose your hard-earned properties. Asset protection planning in Atlanta is essential if you want specific people to keep your assets after your death. Along with that, there are other benefits to protecting your properties. 

1. Protection Against Creditors

Business owners who can secure assets through legal strategies can deter creditors from claiming their property. Those who have debts risk lawsuits and could lose assets if they’re not careful. By placing properties in trust, no creditor can contest and challenge the validity of the trustee. At the same time, you must carefully plan and do your best to manage and pay off debts. Any size of debt is manageable as long as you have an agreement to pay gradually every month. See if you can add an extra income source to your schedule to help you eliminate your debt faster. 

2. Preparation In Case Of Incapacity

Incapacity can be physical or mental, or worse – both. It’s why asset planning can never be too early, especially while you’re in good health. Planning for the costs of long-term care will help you set aside funds should you fall ill or if your illness worsens. Before you lost consciousness or sound of mind, it’s better to create a will that indicates your desires and wishes regarding your assets and who will get them. In the case of medical or mortality-related wishes, a living trust will contain what you wish that they do with your body (i.e., organ donation, burial or cremation, etc.). Seek the help of an estate lawyer or power of attorney to help protect your properties.

3. Insulate Against Liabilities

There are various types of business insurance. If you’re paying for the proper one, you can protect your business against liability claims. Anyone who gets hurt in your establishment is likely to file a claim or lawsuit for compensation. Your business liability insurance will pay for the requests, and you don’t have to liquidate any assets to pay the claimant.

Home and auto insurance providers are also offering liability protection from damages and personal injury claims. You can get various information on insurance policies by calling your provider and reading resources like this article. When you have enough coverage, you won’t have to pay out of pocket, take out your savings, or liquidate property. 

4. Separate Business From Personal Property

At some point, business owners can also gain debts for expanding the business. It can be for purchasing equipment, product development, and market research. By placing your business under Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Corporations, or Limited Partnerships (LP), your personal assets gain protection against the business’s debts. 

5. Minimize Estate Tax Losses

The larger your assets, the more taxes are taken out of your estate. Careful estate planning can help you avoid heavy taxation or at least reduce the number of deductibles. You can choose to gift your assets to your heirs, donate to charitable institutions, set up an irrevocable life insurance trust, or a qualified personal residence trust. By carefully understanding each option, you’ll be able to get around estate taxes and keep most of the estate for your beneficiaries.  

6. Keeps Your Home Secure

Explore the advantage of the homestead exemption to protect your house. This loophole is to protect your home from creditors or bankruptcy. It’ll help at least keep a fraction of its value intact, so you don’t entirely lose the property once claims were made on your death. Availability and provisions will vary per state. Protection may range between USD$5,000 to USD$500,000. 

In Conclusion

There are many types of asset protection that you can explore to protect your properties. You may need the help of an asset manager or attorney to help plan and navigate the laws involving securing your properties. In the event of your passing, your heirs and beneficiaries won’t have to worry about losses. They’ll able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.