6 Research Driven Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Range Practice in the Game of Golf

Golf is a game of practice. But in these changing times, we all are shifting from this traditional definition of hard work to smart work. In golf, too, we call this smart work “transfer practice,” in which mirror practice is done similar to the real game on the golf course. 

Let us see six recommendations that you too can try on your transfer practice to improve the real game:

  1. Playing simulated holes

By framing a mindset that you are playing a real tournament, you can set targets for far and distant goals and do real-time practice. Visualize the hole and hit that shot in your set target.

  1. By playing shots of different targets

While practicing, try playing with different clubs for different targets. Playing different shots makes you more compatible with the real game. Adjustment with different situations is the key. Playing out of the comfort zone is the way to train yourself for the golf course. You can also learn best golf driver tips.

  1. Practice with one ball at a time

When on a golf course, it’s a common experience that you are allowed to play with one ball in the meantime. So, try using that one ball to set different targets for your game. You can change the real game by making changes in the length and the type of the shot. Always remember one bad shot is not a bad game, so practice until perfection hits you right back.

  1. Different targets in the same club

As a beginner, when you are trying hard to reach your range, begin with one club at a time. For instance, let us suppose that you have hit six consecutive shots in a range of 120 yards. Now what you can do is change this range to maybe 100 yards or 60 yards. A mix and match of different shots will give you more clarity on the technical aspect of the game.

  1. Different clubs with the same target

After gaining perfection in the same club with different targets, now it’s time to reverse the concept. For example, you set a target of 110 yards, now what you have to do is practice the same shot in different clubs. Practicing in different clubs makes practice fun as well as improves your game.

  1. Different ball flights in the same club

Since now you are done practicing in the same club and different clubs with different and same targets. What you can do now is practice mixing ball flights with high, low, left, and right shots. This will make your reflexes stronger and the game just a step closer to perfect. 

Final words

These were the few tips and tricks from experts as suggested by TimberStone Golf Course, a place that has made the game of golf fun for pro golfers as well as beginners. But always remember practice is the real thing, so try befitting into a routine. Make small goals for yourself and achieve them by taking small steps towards that perfect shot for your win.