6 Tips To Reduce Humidity For Healthy Life

Are you experiencing high-level of humidity at your home during the summer and rainy season? Humidity with heat feels awful and make us dehydrated. Whether you are at the workplace or at your home, a high level of humidity makes you feel hot, sweaty and highly uncomfortable.

During the summer and rainy season, we really want to get rid of the hot-humid atmosphere in your home. Here, in this article, we have listed down all the simple tricks to tackle high humidity.

What Should Be Optimum Humidity Level In Summer Season?

For the ideal humidity level, the range specified is around 30-50%. If it goes beyond 50% then it makes you feel hot and uncomfortable as well. High-level of humidity also leave some can damaging effects on your house. Ideal humidity can be maintained by latest technology air-conditioner such as air conditioning Sydney.

It is a fact that too much humidity level prevail favorable condition for mold growth and also leads to condensation inside the walls of your house. Mold growth and condensation inside walls ultimately results in structural damage and start the rotting process in your wooden beams. 

Not just our but our health is also affected by high humidity. This may result in various respiratory issues, trigger allergy, and also interrupt your sleep. Also, if humidity level goes below the threshold level then it also creates various issues such as trigger allergies, respiratory problem, asthma, and can also damage your wooden flooring. 

The low humidity level is experienced more during the winter season. Maintain the humidity level in your home around 30 to 50%. You should maintain a balance between the extremely low level of moisture and extremely high moisture.

How To Measure Humidity Level At Your House?

The best method to measure the humidity level in your home is to use a hygrometer.  It is an instrument which is used to measure the humidity level in the air. It is completely affordable and easily available at any hardware store in your area. 

Purchase it and place it inside your home, it will automatically provide the precise reading. Is the measure level is above than 50% then you need to take some immediate steps to reduce this reading to the ideal range.

Tips To Reduce Humidity Level Inside Your House

As you have measured the high-humidity level inside your house, therefore, you should implement the following steps to bring it to the ideal level: 

1. Install Air Conditioning System

Install latest technology air-conditioners such as ducted air conditioning Sydney to maintain the ideal level of humidity. Air conditioning system not only maintains ideal temperature abut also help in maintaining the required humidity level inside our house. But to reap optimum result, you should regularly replace the filter with the new one. 

Keep your air conditioner tuned up and enjoy its amazing benefits. If you find anything that restricts airflow in your AC then immediately fix it, otherwise, it will stop working and significantly increase the humidity level. 

2. Use Exhaust Fans For Ventilation

While taking shower or preparing food over a hot cooktop, turn on your exhaust fan and let the hot air move outside the house. Keep them ON, even after completing your task and let the accumulated heat move outside the house. It is a great and simple trick, implement it and observe a significant change in humidity level of your house.

3. Start Taking Cool Showers

All of us love to take hot showers! Do you know that hot shower also makes the surrounding air more hot and humid? Yes, it’s true and probably you don’t like it. Reduce the temperature of showers by a few degrees.

4. Avoid Any Leakage In Pipes

If you want to reduce moisture level and do not want anything inside your house that can increase indoor humidity then fix your leaking pipes and faucets as soon as possible. Please ensure that there is no leaking pipe inside your house and also wrap your pipes with insulating material.  If you are looking for signs of leakage then check out stained drywall, wet spots, and varying water bills.

5. Purchase A Dehumidifier

The best way to reduce the humidity level is to purchase a dehumidifier. It can be installed inside your furnace air handler. In this way, it can reduce moisture inside your room. That means when the air will reach you then it will be cool and this is what exactly we need during the summer season.

6. Open Your Windows

You may be surprised but it is true! Sometimes this simple trick works efficiently. Although, you do not want to open your doors during summer but do it in the evening time and let the cool air move inside your house.


It is important to maintain the right humidity level inside the house to sustain healthy life during summer and rainy season. Therefore, it is recommended to implement the above-mentioned tips and maintain ideal indoor humidity. 

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