6 Travel Packing Tips you Wish you Knew Before

When going on a vacation, the last thing that you want to stress about is probably your suitcase. You need to pack all the essentials to ensure a stress-free vacation, but at the same time, you need to be minimalistic.

Traveling with an over-packed and unorganized suitcase will give you a headache, and you will have to pay pricey luggage fees.

Here are some great tips to help perfect your packing game.

Make a List of your Items

It is essential to create a category for your main items like clothes, toiletries, documents, medications, and other things. You can pack your clothing according to the places you will most likely visit, like a beach.

Add everything in the suitcase in an organized manner. Double-check your bag with the list before you leave so that you do not forget any essentials.

Be Moderate in Packing

You would want to look your best in the travel pictures, but it doesn’t mean you pack tons of outfits. Depending upon if your trip will be formal or a family trip, you can pack your clothes.

Another critical point is to check the weather forecast of the place you will be visiting. This way, you won’t have to stress about being over or underdressed. Moreover, if you pack lots of clothes, it would be hard to find space for souvenirs and new things you buy during the journey.

How to Create More Space in your Luggage

You should pack in a manner that can help maximize space in the suitcase. Below are some simple yet effective packing recommendations.

  • Roll your clothes to save space.
  • You can buy travel bags in Australia with Sydney Luggage, which has enough space for your items and make sure to use all unused space.
  • Buy travel-size toiletry items. You can even bring along a small-size hairbrush and a travel towel.
  • Reduce the number of shoes you pack as they are incredibly bulky items.
  • Instead of carrying your bulky items, you can wear them on the plan to save space.
  • Pack samples of cosmetic products that usually come in a small size.

Store Liquids Appropriately

You will be taking along some liquids like shampoo, makeup, lotion, conditioner, etc. Since the suitcase gets tossed during the journey, the liquid bottles might break and spill the content.

It will ruin your clothes and cause you problems in your journey. Put all the liquid bottles in a plastic bag so avoid leaking them onto your clothes and items.

Weigh your Suitcase

Airlines have a specific weight limit for suitcases. If the weight limit is crossed, you will have to pay baggage fees.

You definitely do not want to take out things of your luggage at the airport to reduce the fees. For this purpose, you can weigh your suitcase using a luggage scale that attaches to your bag’s handle and checks the weight.

Share your Products

If you are traveling with your family or partner, you can share some of your products to help reduce items. When traveling with friends, you may pack bags separately, so decide who will bring what to avoid packing the same things.

Communicate with your travel partner and make a list. This way, no one will bring extra items and over-pack the bag.

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