7 Android Apps for Watching Free Movies Online

Gone are the days when you have to go to the theater or buy a DVD to watch your favorite movies. In today’s digital world, we can watch any movies online through a smartphone. Yes, you can stream out your favorite movies on a smartphone or a web browser for free. If you are Android users and searching for an app to watch movies online, then here we have listed down the best Android Apps for watching free movies online. Let’s check them out now! movierulz ps.

Best Android Apps for Watching Free Movies

1. YouTube

Many of you might not know about the movies section on YouTube. YouTube has a huge library of movies of different regions. You can explore the different categories and can watch your favorite movies for free. The platform also allows you to buy movies online which you can watch in full HD resolution at reasonable rates.

Android devices come with YouTube app as pre-installed app. You just need to search for the movies by typing its name into the search bar. You will be able to download or like the movie or you can even create a playlist of your favorite items from there. The app can also be installed from the official Play Store for free.

2. ShowBox

ShowBox is undoubtedly one of the best online movies streaming app available for Android mobile platform. This app is not available officially on the Play Store as it violates Google’s terms and conditions and policies. However, millions of Android users do use this app on their devices to watch all types of movies for free.

The app doesn’t ask for any special configuration or requirements. You just need to install the app and start streaming out your favorite movies without signing up or registration. It’s an unofficial app, so you can try these if ShowBox is not working on your device.

3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is for those who love to watch not just movies but also TV shows and original series produced by the independent directors. The app offers a great collection of movies, tv shows and popular videos which you can watch out on your Android smartphone and tablet device for free.

The app even offers a separate section called Popcornflix Originals. In this section, you will be able to explore the original contents produced by Popcornflix. You won’t be able to access the original library of Popcornflix from any other app or platforms.

The user-interface of this app is quite straightforward where you can simply surf the different categories of the movies, tv shows etc. You can also create a library of your own where you can add multiple items to watch in the future. It’s a great app for movie lovers who can watch free movies online from their smartphones. Popcornflixp is a free app and you can install it from the official Play Store’s page.

4. Crackle

Crackle is yet another popular online movie streaming app which serves premium entertainment at your end. The app runs smoothly and offers all the entertainment within your hands. The app updates every month with new contents I.e. new movies and shows so you will never run out of movies.

Crackle is there for free and anyone can use it on their respective Android or iOS smartphone. It works without sign up or registration, just install the app on your device, follow on-page instructions to start using the app. You can explore the list of categories and movies which you can watch and stream out with the help of high-speed Internet connectivity.

5. MediaBox

MediaBox is yet another popular movie streaming app available for Android users. It’s a third-party entertainment app which is not available on the Play Store. You have to download MediaBox HD application from third-party websites which you can manually install on your Android device.

The app offers a huge library of all types of movies and tv shows in full HD resolution. The app gives you all the control to watch movies in different quality as per your Internet connectivity. You ca also create a separate list where you can add items to watch in the future.

Once you install the app, you will be presented with a familiar interface where all the popular movies posters will be there. You can explore the categories and more using the three lined buttons. You can even search for your favorite movies and tv shows by typing its name in the search bar.

These are the best apps for watching free movies online on Android devices. Each of the above listed apps are quite popular amongst the Android users who watch their favorite movies through these apps for free. Explore the list and try out these apps, you can keep the one which suits you better.