7 Possible Reasons Why You Snore

Snoring is a common issue affecting about half of Americans at some point in their lives. Therefore, you are not alone. Although it can be a habitual occurrence, it can also indicate a more significant problem. That is why it is necessary to seek help from nose and throat specialists such as Dr. Alexis Furze to ensure that your condition is well understood and managed. Fortunately, most of the causes of snoring are not severe, and you can control them. But, the first step is knowing these causes. Here are some of the reasons behind your unwanted behavior.

Drinking Alcohol Before Sleeping

You might be snoring just because you are enjoying an evening nightcap. Although you might feel that you need the wine to take the edge off, it will not be suitable for your sleep. The alcohol will relax your airway muscles, making you snore excessively even if you do not regularly snore. Therefore, you can avoid the drink and see if your condition improves. If it does not, it is probably due to another issue.

Nasal Obstruction

This condition is where your nasal passageway gets blocked, possibly due to a deviated septum or an allergy. This can contribute to snoring. In this case, your provider will evaluate your condition to identify the possible allergens to help you find an effective way to reduce the snoring. Nasal sprays have also proved some effectiveness in clearing the nasal passageway, thereby minimizing the snoring.

Poor Sleeping Posture

Experts have found that sleeping on your back increases your chances of snoring. This is because your jaw and tongue can naturally drop into the back of your throat, causing breathing complications. According to studies, changing the sleeping position can improve your breathing, and reducing your snoring. In particular, sleeping on your side can increase your oxygen intake and prevent your airways from collapsing.

Your Weight Could be a Problem

Being obese or overweight can increase your chances of snoring. That is why it is recommended to stay active throughout the day to secure some quality sleep at night. Excess body weight can cause poor muscle tone and increased tissues around your neck and throat, which can heighten your snoring condition.

Maybe It’s Your Age

According to experts, snoring becomes common as you age. This is generally due to floppy tissues that develop due to aging. Fortunately, simple exercises such as singing can improve snoring as a result of aging. That is why it is critical to know the cause of your snoring to know the right way to deal with it.

Your Mouth Anatomy Can Contribute to Snoring

Everyone is different when it comes to body structure development. Your mouth shape can contribute to snoring, particularly if you have a lower, thicker, or softer palate. It can narrow your airways, promoting snoring. Therefore, your provider must evaluate your mouth’s anatomy to recommend the best remedy to improve your condition.


Research has found that some physical differences between males and females can contribute to snoring. If you are a male, your chances are higher for snoring than in a female. This is because, as a man, you have a narrower air passage that could aggravate the issue. Also, men drink more than women, which can induce snoring.

No matter what the cause of your snoring habit is, there is help. At Alexis Furze MD, your provider will diagnose your condition to recommend the best remedy to help you sleep easier again. Book an appointment today.