7 Tips to protect your car against approaching winter weather that you should know

This article provides seven time-saving and straightforward tips to protect your car against the approaching harsh winter weather. 

Whether you are staying in any parts of the US, you will find the approaching winter challenging weather to drive a car. Despite the weather conditions, which could be a subzero temperature, storm, ice, or snow, you still have to go to the supermarket, go to work or take your children to school.

More specifically, when you park your car outside for some time or the whole night, your car windshield may be covered with full snow, making it difficult to see things ahead of you. Or even when you park your car in the garage, the snow might cause your car’s tires to lose traction quickly, making it very tricky driving.

It would be very time-consuming to get stuck in solving those problems in this harsh sticky weather; therefore, this writing would suggest a few tips to protect your vehicle from the approaching severe snowy winter weather.

1. Protect your car with a cover

If you don’t have a garage, it can be fine to leave your car outdoors in a mildly and chilly weather like summertime. However, it might be a bit troublesome to leave your car the whole day outdoors during wintertime. 

Leaving the car outdoors during snow weather might cause your vehicle to be covered entirely with ice. Even having a wiper, your way of removing it might cause scratches on the windshield if you don’t grab some tips to remove it. 

Thus, buying a car cover or windshield cover might be worth considering because it is to prevent not only dust but also ice when you park your car outside overnight or even a little while during heavy snow weather.

2. Apply shaving cream on your windshield

The worst and most dangerous thing can be heavy snow covered all over your windshield, or the winter weather causes the windscreen to get foggy. All of these can make it difficult to see things ahead of you. 

To avoid this problem, you can clean your windshield with shaving cream. You can coat the inside of the windshield or window with a thin layer of shaving cream before wiping it up. This work would help prevent your windshield or window from fogging up while driving.

This tip is suggested because some ingredients in the shaving cream help to defog the glass perfectly. So why not try applying some shaving cream next time?

3. Use Kitty Litter For More Traction

Checking your tire’s traction under snowy weather

Next, you need to check the tire’s traction in snowy weather. When it’s snowy for many days, the melting ice may cause your car tires to lose its traction while driving out on the road. Meanwhile, losing traction causes driving more dangerous. Therefore it’s necessary to check your car traction before going or making sure it has enough traction.

The tip here is that you can sprinkle some kitty litter on the snowy road behind the rear tires to have more traction. 

Thus whether you have a cat already or not, it’s worth trying to have kitty litter, and let’s try sprinkling some on the road and see how it works.

4. Don’t leave Liquids Inside The Car

Understandably, you may leave beverages or water inside the car to have it back after a long driving trip. However, this is not a good habit because it creates frost inside your window. That said, having water or liquids on your car may take more time to defog it. 

Now just remember to skip the habits of leaving all your beverages and liquids inside your car to save the time of defogging your car.

5. Turn up the air conditioner

Now when it is not snowy, your car may have a problem of getting foggy on the windshield. 

To solve this problem, you can turn up the air conditioner to defog your car when you come into your vehicle before turning on the heating. This is because turning up the air conditioner will help take humidity out of the air when it is foggy outside the windows.

Your car’s air conditioner is one of the best defogger tools that help reduce the amount of time for your car windows to be cleared up.

Turn up the air conditioner in your car before turning on the heating defog your car

6. Cover your wipers with shocks

Another hack is particularly crucial for cars parked outside all the winter long, which is to put the shock to cover the wipers overnight.

If you have your car parked in the garage, you might not have to worry about it. However, when it turns snow so hard, your windshield wipers have to work harder to wipe a lot of snow on the windshield, and so do the wipers. 

Thus simply putting your shocks on the wipers overnight prevents them from collecting snow and sticking on the freezing windshield. Accordingly, it will take effect to clean the snow easily on the windscreen.

If this works, keep some shock on the car with you and reuse it the next time.

7. Use a sanitizer or a lighter on frozen key

It can sometimes be that the heavy snow causes your lock outside of the car to be fully covered with ice.

At that moment, having a sanitizer to be coated on your key will help to smooth the keyhole. This tip is used because the sanitizer’s alcohol can help melt a little bit of the ice off your frozen keyhole.

Otherwise, you can use a lighter or a match on the key to warm the keyhole, which then to deice the lock to open the car. 

Above are all suggestions to protect your car against the approaching winter, hopefully, to save your time and protect your car from harsh weather conditions somehow.