8 Things To Do Absolutely A Week Before The Wedding in Puglia

When marriage approaches, we can tend to stress, a little for some, a lot for others. We are afraid of forgetting important elements and ruining the marriage simply because of a moment of anguish.

Princess Apulia the wedding location provider in Puglia, is therefore helping us to organize our last week before the wedding quietly so that everything is perfect on D-Day and that the stress is far, very far away.

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7 days before the wedding, we take stock with all providers:

First, we call back all the providers one by one: caterer, DJ, florist, as well as the people in charge of your reception room.

We validate the arrival and departure times of each of them, we give them the number of two witnesses (in case one of them does not answer or is not available immediately).

That way, in the event of a problem, they have a contact on the spot and no need to disturb the future spouses who have other things to manage.

Catering is one of your priorities a week before the wedding:

You have to make a final appointment with the caterer in order to definitively validate the number of guests with him for the reception, for the dinner, and possibly the brunch if you have decided to organize a day after the wedding.

You have to make sure that the wedding meal menu is still up to date and you have to check the number of tables planned for the reception.

Take care of her wedding dress and accessories:

A week before the wedding, if it has not yet been done, we collect the wedding dress and its accessories. We install everything in a room reserved for this purpose.

You can even set up a mirror or two and make this room the place where you will transform into a princess.

Finish the decoration of the reception room:

If the decoration of the reception hall is not quite finished, we bring together Mum, Step-Mum, the girlfriends and witnesses and we organize a weekend “end of the wedding decoration”. Here is a real moment with friends to relax and have a little laugh before the big day.

We are pampered before the wedding day

The day before the wedding, we treat ourselves to a facial treatment and a massage to relax.

We go there preferably alone or with a friend and we talk about something other than marriage to create a little space and really refocus on your body and mind.

We also take the opportunity to go to the beautician for a perfect look.

We prepare our suitcase for the wedding night:

Even if you’re not going to sleep much, pack a small suitcase with a comfortable outfit, your look for the next day if you’ve been planning a brunch, and most of all… a toothbrush and some makeup.

We make To-Do List prepare for the big day in great detail:

We prepare the list of arrival times of your guests, the list of remaining shopping, or the list of guests and tables.

You can also prepare small lists for your providers, tell them to keep them with them on D-Day, as a sort of reminder if necessary.

We rest before the long-awaited day:

As a future bride, you are not necessarily going to sleep well, so the day before we try not to go to bed too late so as not to look crestfallen the next day and force the makeup artist to overuse the concealer. and skin tone corrector.

We think of sleeping in a room at room temperature and well ventilated. Don’t worry, everything will be fine, you will soon be thrilled with your soul mate.

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