A Used Ford F-150 is Versatile and Powerful

The phrase “Ford F-150” gets thrown around a lot, as if it only refers to one specific truck. Really, the F-150 is available in many different trims, so truck drivers can find the F-150 that fulfills any need. Ford Certified Pre-Owned program lets drivers get a truck for a considerably lower price than it’d cost new while being assured of its condition.

Let’s check out more about how the program works.

Thorough Inspections

Every vehicle in Ford’s Certified Pre-Owned program has undergone a thorough 172-point inspection from a factory technician. After the people who build these vehicles confirm they’re in great shape, you’ll know you’re driving away in a truck you can depend on for years.

Check out local, family-owned dealers near you for reliable used Ford trucks that can handle any job for a price you’ll love.

Comprehensive Limited Warranty

Every truck in Ford’s Certified Pre-Owned program comes with a comprehensive limited warranty covering over 1,000 components for 12 months or 20,000 kilometres, whatever comes first. Even brand new vehicles experience wear and tear, so you’ll feel better knowing you get free repairs for a year if something is wrong with your truck.

Plus, they come with 24/7 Roadside Assistance to handle bumps in the road you may encounter. The low price on the truck is fantastic, but peace of mind is priceless.

Modestly Used Trucks

You’ll never find an antique truck in Ford’s Certified Pre-Owned program. Every vehicle needs to be less than six years old and have fewer than 120,000 kilometres on the odometer.

The trucks from a recent year have all kinds of modern features that still work wonders today! Previous iterations of the SYNC system allow drivers to safely and easily use their smartphone while behind the wheel to get directions, listen to music, or keep in contact with people.

You can also find impressive advanced safety features to help you drive confidently and keep everyone on the road safe. Don’t think that just because the car is “used” that it’s used up.

Ford Builds F-150s for Everything

What exactly do you need your F-150 to perform? If you’re looking for a truck that can haul oversized items around town, that’s easy. But there are numerous trims and custom modifications that can outfit your truck with the tools it needs to complete any job.

From towing and payload to basic things like storage solutions for your truck bed, the F-150 can be customized to provide what you need it to do. Just visit a dealership with a ton of trucks on the lot so you can have a more extensive selection.

People everywhere are looking to economize, and saving money on a big-ticket purchase like a truck is a significant place to begin. Visit your local Ford dealership to find a fantastic price on a powerful and versatile Certified Pre-Owned F-150 that will meet today’s needs for years to come.