Amazing Ways To Celebrate Your Loved Ones Birthday Virtually

Well, we all know very clearly that due to the running pandemic of covid-19, we all are bound to be in our houses. But this doesn’t mean that we have to bound our celebrations to right?  Whether it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary, baby shower or any other occasion. In all the scenarios you must have to make your loved ones feel that they are not quite alone in their life. So what are you waiting for? Start finding ways to celebrate the happiness of your loved ones by following all the rules of government. And we also find one super exciting way to celebrate your dearest day virtually. Doesn’t it sound thrilling to all of you? This is a new way of enjoying and celebrating your heartthrobs days through online technologies. This may sound a little boring or may you don’t like to do such celebrations but still trust us you’re gonna love these ways. So, without wasting your time, let’s get started

Send a cake 

Nothing can beat the tradition of sending happy birthday cake to your loved ones. So go ahead and surprise them with a sweet cake. It will save the efforts of baking a cake too.  Personalised cake would make a great gift if you want to make their day more special. It’s totally up to you if you want to bake the cake by yourself or if you want to send them the ready made one. Choose a local bakery, tell them all your requirements and get a cake of your choice. 

Birthday party in a box 

 Are you looking out for some easiest ways to say happy birthday to your distant loved ones? We know it’s not easy to celebrate birthdays when you are separated miles or nations away. You can surprise them with a box full of happiness. It will be a very fun and exciting gift for the receiver. Because this gift is all about sweet things like candies, brownies, chocolates and of course a personal note from you. Or you can go for some ready made boxes that are already prepared. We are sure your loved one will be more than happy after getting this gift. 

Make a video 

The traditional greeting cards are very special but it has become boring now.The best alternative of a simple greeting card is to make a fun video and say happy birthday.Record yourself solo or you can make a video with your family members too. Or you can ask your other family and friends to record their video and later collect all those videos and sync all together. Later on that special day you can show them on video call or send them directly. 

This will make them special or sure. 

Party on zoom 

Virtual birthday parties are on the trend board these days. Set up a meeting on zoom and call all your closed ones. We know that the video quality of zoom is super good, so you can easily see the smiling face of each participant. If you want to make all the things very special then ask them to add the happy birthday title when they log in. This will be a new experience for everyone and we are very sure this will be the most fun one. 

Magic show 

Planning a virtual magic show would make the birthday celebration to the next level. The magician, your family, friends and you everyone can join in online from their comfortable beds. Literally it would be so much fun when you are going to enjoy the tricks and magic that will blow your mind. Ask everyone to buckle up themselves with loads of snacks and munchies because it will be going to be an interesting night. 

So these were some amazing ways to celebrate your loved ones birthday virtually. And you can also get your cake delivered at their doorstep by order cake online.