An Ultimate Guide to Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

It is an insurance company for injured workers. It compensates for the loss of workers who got injured or get work-related sickness or illness on the job site. So, as an insurance company, it claims the payment and makes those payments. 

Working of L&I

In-state of Washington, if any employee gets wounds, falls ill, or contracts a certain type of disease. In that case, Washington State filed a compensation claim by the worker. Furthermore, if the filed claim is accepted by the Washington state department of labor and industries, then various rewards will be provided.

Merits of L&I

I penned down a few merits that are given by L&I to the workers.

  • Replacement of wage
  • Prescribed medicines
  • Medical advantages
  • Travel compensation V
  • Property compensation
  • PPD
  • Pension
  • Structured setting
  • Vocational therapy
  • Survivor reward

L&I Claim procedure

As due to the bureaucratic nature of L&I, most of the cases fall into the bin, remain ending, or remain untouched due to various hurdles and paperwork technicalities. To no surprise, the L&I claim of any worker can be denied without any solid reason. Furthermore, once it gets denied an individual needs proper guidance, experience to reclaim.

Reasons for L&I claim denial

Most of the time, workers think that their case is denied without any reason. But this is not true, the reason is present in their claim but the worker ignores it. Let’s discuss the common reason for denial.

  • Injury got on job place is considered to be pre-existing
  • Injury is observed outside the job place 
  • Wrong claim by the worker about the severity of the injury
  • In case if the injury is in the form of mental health condition, due to the lack of medical documentation it is denied
  • Injury described by the worker is different from diagnosed or actual injury

Mistakes made by claim manager:

Sometimes a few errors are caused by claim manager like

They miss important proof

Sometimes they consider important proof as trivial

Sometimes business exit in their opinion, investigation, and verdict

A few firmly believes that mental health condition does not exist, and many more

Process of claim:

The process of filing a claim at L&I is plain sailing. After getting injured at the workplace, you visit the doctor and at his place, both of you fill the ROA form. For this, the doctor should have a ROA form and papers to fill the claim. 

Important thing is that you should visit such a doctor who can listen to you, show sympathy, a nd can assist you in claiming L&I.

Win of L&I case:

To win the L&I case and avoid the denial process you should follow a few steps.

  • Pay proper attention to the L&I claim information
  • Take proper action
  • Appeal against incorrect verdict
  • Get assistance from a professional L&I lawyer. They will guide you about what and how to do it at the proper time.

L&I claim closure and its aftermath:

If you will do nothing after the L&I claim denial, the closure verdict will become final

If you will re-appeal or protest against the claim denial then they will reconsider your claim


In a nutshell, L&I attorneys play a vital role in the acceptance and denial of the claim. Consult a top-class attorney to win your claim.