Anxiety And Its Causes

Anxiety is a mental condition like fear, unease mood and restless which could be mild or severe. It is said that anxiety is the same as stress but it is not like stress. Anxiety is a different condition and it may lead with whole life. Stress is a casual and common condition. Every person has to face the condition of stress. For example, you lost your things like mobile, keys, books at any place or you fail in exams, these conditions show that you are suffering from stress. This is a different condition than Anxiety. Stress doesn’t affect your whole life like Anxiety.

Symptoms of Anxiety 

Symptoms of anxiety are common         



Increase heart rate

Stretching of muscles






Dry mouth


Breathing problems

What are the causes of Anxiety?

Being a single parent:

A single parent is a very common and main factor faced by children who have just one parent (mother or father) in case of divorce or death of one parent. This incident has some or you may say a very negative effect on their lives. These types of people have greatly a lack of willpower, confidence and can’t face any bad situation bravely. They override that situation on themselves and become depressed and go in the condition of anxiety.

Loss of a loved one:

The loss of a loved one is also the factor of anxiety. This condition mostly occurs among sensitive people or people that get very attached to their loved ones. Unfortunately, they lost them in case of death or separation. This incident has a profound effect on them, and they don’t forget about this incident. This situation causes anxiety.

Use of certain medicines:

The use of some medicines also leads to anxiety. Some people use these medicines instead of taking precautions and exercise. They find shortcuts in taking medicines instead of doing some hard work this unnecessary use of medicines leads to anxiety. These medicines include

  • Medicine used to control birth
  • Medicines use for weight loss
  • Medicines for congestion and cough

Stressful situation:

If your current situation is stressful, you should face this situation wisely and courageously instead it overcomes you. If this situation overcomes you, it leads to anxiety.

Past life:

Everyone has some worst part of the past in his life. The people that have good willpower they overcome that past and move forward by forgetting all the worst parts of their life. But some people are very sensitive, they don’t forget their past. They all the time think about their past. This condition causes anxiety and depression.

Childhood experience:

Childhood experience is one of the main factors of anxiety. There are so many incidents that happen with the people in their childhood and left their effect on their mind and personality.

Physical abuse:

Physical torture is the main factor of physical abuse that causes anxiety and depression. Physical torture at an early age has a negative effect on their mind, health, and personality. They spend most of their life in depression and anxiety.

Bad experience during school life:

During the school life, some kids go through tough situations and leave a bad impression on their mind that causes depression.

These are only two conditions that I described but there are a lot of other situations that affect the childhood of the people.

Emotional abuse:

Emotional or mental abuse lead to anxiety and it is the main cause of anxiety. Emotional abuse includes the fight between the couple. If both of them stay in this stress condition, they will remain in depression and anxiety. Instead some domestic issues like poverty also are the main cause of anxiety.

Physical condition

A physical condition that includes severe or mild disease has a bad effect on the patient’s mind and leads to anxiety and depression. If a patient has good willpower then he/she will overcome his disease, will never be depressed and live a normal and happy life. But if the patient doesn’t have willpower and he/she got frustrated by his disease, he/she will suffer from anxiety.