Are You A Frequent Traveller? Pick These to Travel at Ease!

Do you travel often? Most of us enjoy travelling.  Visiting a new place gives us a new high of having discovered something great. Also, travelling is a learning experience to understand different cultures and get a taste of the world. The only thing that might make it less exciting is the long travel involved in the case of faraway countries. There are so many things that add up to not getting enough sleep such as less leg space, sunlight and noise can make it all the more troublesome to sleep. You’re not the only one who has trouble sleeping on a long flight. Let’s look at some of the perfect travel accessories that can help you get that shut-eye:


Before you book your seat, think through on where the seat is. Exit row seats that are located at the entrance can have more leg space, but also some of them do not recline and some may have armrests that cannot be raised. Therefore, think twice before choosing the front row seats. Likewise, avoid seats that are located at the end of the plane too. The best bet is choosing one somewhere that is neither close to the entrance nor towards the end. 

Reduce your Cabin Luggage

Carrying too much carry-on luggage can eat up on your comfort. For example, if you have to carry luggage, one for sure will be placed under your feet causing discomfort and making you lose leg space too. Keep only the essentials you will need for your flight in a small or foldable luggage so that you don’t have to worry about your cabin lagguage. If you could carry just a small backpack or a handbag, you could take out what you need and stow the bag overhead. 

Avoid Coffee

If you are travelling during the day, it is best to avoid coffee. You can keep staring out the window or listen to music to stay awake. You could replace coffee with juice or plenty of water for staying hydrated. If you are prone to jetlag, there are many natural medicines available for you to take. Most of them are plant-based so that you can be sure there will be no side effects. You can also consult a physician and take a prescription in case you are not sure.

Use a Neck Pillow

A travel neck pillow can be a blessing in disguise if you are travelling on a long flight. There are so many neck pillows that are available in the market for you. Wakefit Travel Neck Pillow is the perfect choice for all travellers. The neck pillow is designed keeping in mind the traveller’s comfort and hygiene in mind. The travel pillow has been carefully designed to meet every need of the traveller. 

  • Material: The neck pillow is made of moulded memory foam which is contoured in such a way that it contours around your neck
  • External Cover: The pillow has a soft external cover to feel soft against your skin. This external cover can also be removed and washed to maintain hygiene. 
  • Eye Mask: The pillow comes with an eye mask to block out all the light in case you are looking to sleep during the day.
  • Pouch: There is a pouch at the side of the pillow to hold the eye mask as well so that you do not have to worry about misplacing it or losing it. 
  • Strap: The adjustable strap helps in adjusting the shape of the pillow to get the perfect fit. 

One of the unique reasons why Wakefit’s travel pillow is the best is that it is designed taking into account feedback from many users. After understanding the likes and dislikes of many, a perfect travel pillow was handcrafted and manufactured. There are many more neck pillow uses than you can think of and a good one will help in all of your travels.

Back Support Cushion

Another unique product that can be a blessing is a Back Support Pillow. Back pillows are mostly used in cars during the long travel and also at a workplace where most of the time is spent sitting in one place. However, they can also be used during long travels as well as it provides support to the back. Back support pillow is the best choice for keeping your spine in check. Here’s what makes the back support pillow a unique design: 

  • Outer Cover: The pillow has a soft and comfortable external cover that feels soft against the back
  • Zipper: The zipper design is included so that the outer cover can be removed and washed for hygiene purposes. 
  • Elastic Band: The back support cushion also has an elastic band so that you can hold in position on the seat you are using it. 
  • Memory Foam: The back support pillow has a moulded memory foam inside so that it can contour against the back and provide the spine with the necessary support it needs.

Get all your travel needs sorted and keep yourself safe and sound during all your travel expeditions.