Arkfeld – EDC Flashlight with Green Laser by Olight

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had an EDC flashlight that could multitask? Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the same flashlight at home and at work? Wouldn’t it be convenient to only need one flashlight that can be used everywhere? 

EDC flashlights have become a part of our life. Whether you’re stumbling home at 2 am or you drop your keys somewhere in your 2-acre front yard, an EDC flashlight can be a reliable and convenient source of light. 

If you’re looking for something different in an EDC flashlight, we introduce you to Arkfeld Flat EDC Flashlight with Green Laser.

Arkfeld is a stylish dual-light source EDC flashlight that comes with white light and a green beam pointer. You can use this flashlight for EDC activities, during a presentation in the office, or even playing with your pet. 

Keep reading to learn more about Arkfeld. 

Arkfeld at a Glance

This EDC flashlight with green laser is the first dual light source flashlight at Olight. Unlike any other flashlight, Arkfeld has a unique switch and control option. You can now control the brightness levels up to 5 different modes in just a few clicks. 

One thing that makes Arkfeld different from the rest is the laser light. Now, You don’t have to purchase an additional laser light pen, you get both light and laser in one flashlight. Isn’t that amazing? 

Like any other EDC flashlight, Arkfeld is also small and easy to carry. The remarkable part is its flat feature construction. This Olight EDC flashlight with green laser is 3.07oz in weight and 0.59inc in thickness that can fit into your pants or shirt pockets without noticing its existence. 

Amazing Features of Arkfeld 

Olight is one of those flashlight manufacturers who take customer needs as a priority. They come up with different flashlight models per the customer’s demand. Whether it is a Warrior series or a Baldr series, each product has something unique in them that solve a customer problem. 

Let’s look at what the new Arkfeld EDC flashlight with Green Laser has to offer. 

The switch button, the shape of the flashlight, and the green laser are something that is very rare to see in other flashlights. Let’s talk in detail about the new features that make Arkfeld unique from the rest. 

Switch Control 

Arkfeld EDC flashlight with a green laser has a creative switch button design which is both practical and beautiful. The central button is the main on and off switch, it also controls the white LED’s brightness level and modes. 

The outer ring around the main switch helps you select between a white LED light and a green laser pointer. It’s never been easier to select the light mode you want.

Just below the switch control, you get a battery indicator that tells you the battery status. 4 green indicators mean the battery is above 75%, 3 green lights indicate battery level between 75% to 50%, 2 green indicators indicate battery level between 50% to 25%, 1 green indicator means battery level between 25% to 10% and red indicator indicates battery level below 10%. 

Green Laser 

This is revolutionary! Some high-end weapon lights and tactical lights do have an inbuilt laser pointer but for an EDC flashlight, it’s something you will rarely see. 

The green laser can be a good helper when making presentations in your office or you can use it to amuse and play with your pets. 

Body Structure 

The shape of a flashlight has been static from the time it was introduced. But today with the help of modern technology a flashlight can be shaped to any size, shape, and design as per the need. 

Arkfeld EDC flashlight with a green light has a unique flat shape plus an ultra-thin body. It is only 3.07oz in weight and 0.59in in thickness. The shape of this flashlight makes it versatile and easy to carry in your pocket for everyday use. 


Compared to some regular EDC flashlights, Arkfeld is far better in terms of light. Most EDC lights have a lumen of 50 to 300 which is okay for daily use but if you want a flashlight that has higher lumen output, the Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser is for you. 

Arkfeld can produce up to 1000 lumens when the flashlight is in turbo mode. They come in two color temperatures, cool white and neutral white. Depending on how you want to use your EDC flashlight, Arkfeld can meet different lighting demands in your daily life. 

Let’s not forget the memory function. The memory function enables you to use the mode you used last time.

Magnetic Tail 

This feature can be useful in situations where you have to use both your hands. You can attach an Arkfeld EDC flashlight to any metal surface–up-down, or left-right, it’s your choice. 

You can use this feature for repairing your car, fixing flat tires, and during a camping trip. Other than that the magnetic tail also works as a magnetic charging point. The charging cable can easily snap onto the tail of the flashlight. No need to manually plug it in.

What Do You Get When You Buy Arkfeld EDC Flashlight?

Inside the box, you get Arkfeld (Battery Included), MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable User Manual. Other than that, 

  • You get Olight’s 2 Years Warranty.
  • Built-in 1050mAh Lithium Polymer Battery.
  • High-grade aluminum alloy body flashlight. 

Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser is a unique designed EDC flashlight that we get to see only once in a while. With all the amazing features it has and the warranty you get, you can’t say No to it. 

How Can You Use Arkfeld EDC Flashlight?

Olight claims Arkfeld to be best for three applications. 

  1. For Lighting – Whether you’re traveling to the world’s most exotic dense forest or camping in your backyard, Arkfeld will not let you down. Carry it with you anywhere you go, it’s not just a flashlight it’s a friend that supports you when you need to deal with the dark. 
  1. Presentation – Pointers can play a great role by grabbing attention during a presentation. Whether you’re invited for a TEDx talk or you have to give a small presentation in your office, Arkfeld is there to help you point out the things that need to be pointed out during a presentation. 
  1. Pet Toy – Amuse and play with your pet using the green laser light. 

Other than these three usage scenarios you can also use it for self-defense, sending signals, or handheld with a gun. 

Get it today!

There are many reasons why you should carry an EDC flashlight with you at all times. When you have a reliable flashlight you optimize your level of personal preparedness and functionality. 

It not only allows you to act quickly in emergency situations but you also get the time to magnify your situational awareness in tactical situations. 

There are many EDC flashlights on the market but in terms of illumination, ease of use, and ruggedness no flashlight can beat the Arkfeld EDC flashlight with green laser. 

Upgrade your flashlight today to Arkfeld and take charge of the dark. The product is available on many platforms such as amazon and other websites. Or you can make an order directly from the Olight website. 

Take action today and enjoy the premium class features of Arkfeld.