Play Backflip Dive 3D Unblocked Online For Free

Backflip Dive 3D Unblocked is an online sports 3d video game that allows you to master backflips. The main theme of the game is athletes will jump from high position and do flips and have to land perfectly on the floor to win the game. It is like a fan-based game where some new attraction points are added but the main elements are the same as of Backflip sports. If you have not tested yet your backflip skill, then this game is perfect for you to play and improve your skills.

What is Backflip Dive 3D Unblocked?

The backflip dive 3D is a complete 3d video game where an athlete in colorful skin plays different levels to perform his backflipping skills. The original backflip sports was the same, but in backflip dive 3D unblocked, there are many attraction points and beautiful decorations are added in the map. The maps include Gym, the mountain, the city, and the funhouse. But these are only starter maps. From level to level many more maps will be shown and your athlete have to win them successfully. It is necessary to jump, do backflip, and land on the ground perfectly.

After you start game, you need to focus on the goal point. There is a spot on which you have to land accurately in order to score highest so can qualify for next round. Each round has intense mechanics and fun ideas. It addicts you to replay more and more levels. The gameplay encourages you to improve your flipping skills even more. In addition, the credits you gain by completing a round helps you if you are stuck on a level. You can use those credits to jump pass the level. So if you have not tested your flipping skills, it is right time to play the Backflip Dive 3D Unblocked.


  • Helps to test your back-flipping ability
  • Unique colorful skin athletes
  • Multiple maps to conqueror
  • Insane and beautiful gameplay
  • Multiple free running modes and backflips
  • Simple and attractive objects added
  • Eye catching visuals
  • 3D Parkour stunt environment
  • Endless thrill
  • Real Parkour runners

Who Developed Backflip Dive 3D?

Backflip 3D is a 3d video sports game that is based on jumping, flipping, and landing on the spot. If you land perfectly on the spot you will win the level and move to next level. In November 2019, Motionvolt Games developed the game. Since it launch, it grabbed the attention of thousands of sport game lovers. The idea of this game was taken from ‘Flip Master’.

How To Play Backflip Dive 3D Unblocked?

The gameplay is very simple; you need to jump and flip your character. Your target is to land on the ground successfully. The winner needs to complete as many goals as possible. The first level is to do flipping in the Gym, then move to The Mountain, then The City, and The Funhouse. After you complete all these levels, more hard levels will be unlocked and you have to pass through them.

The control for this game is quite simple and there is only use of mouse. You need to use the mouse or if you are on mobile or tablet, touch on the character. You need to release the touch or mouse click when you think the landing will be perfect. Winning entirely depends on successful landing. If missed, you need to replay the round. If in any case, you are stuck on one level, you can use credits to jump pass the round.

Some Quick Tips For Backflip Dive 3D Unblocked

Above we have shared how to play the game, here we will share some tips and tricks so you can use them in the game. The entire gameplay depends on how you flip and land on the floor. The second thing is you need to press and hold the mouse click until you have satisfied that the player will land perfectly. But be fast as the ground can be reached quickly. Below are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. It better to take the tutorial before playing the game.
  2. If you are slow learner, its better to go through the Gameplay Walkthrough many times to understand it. It helps you to flip better.
  3. You need to be super fast as your success ratio completely depends on your hand. So focus on click and release the button on right time.

Similar Games to Backflip Dive 3D Unblocked

There are many games that are similar in gameplay to backflip Dive 3D just differ in the theme, levels, characters and rewards. But the main goal is flipping and landing on the spot. Some of the famous ones are:

  • Crazy Flips 3D
  • Bottle Flip 3D
  • Flip Master
  • Backflip Maniac
  • Backflipper
  • Flip Diving
  • Backflip Parkour
  • Penguin Dive
  • Flip Master
  • Backflip Adventure


Who developed backflip dive 3d unblocked?

The content and graphics are based on the Flip Master a famous sports flipping game. It was developed by MotionVolt Games Oy. The developer of Backflip Dive 3D Unblocked is Motionvolt Games.

What are the controls?

This game requires only mouse. You have to click and hold it until you think the landing will be perfect. Then release the click. If you are a tablet or mouse user, touch the player and hold it for flip and release it before touching the ground for perfect landing.

Is there any cheat to win?

No, there are no cheats or tricks to win the game. You have to be super fast and winning ratio depends on how fast your hands are.

Can we download it for offline play?

Backflip Dive 3d Unblocked is an online based game. It requires internet to play. You can’t download it to your PC or mobile.


Backflip Dive 3D Unblocked is an online sports flip game where you need to control the player and make him jump, flip and land on the ground successfully. It is a single player game, so you can’t enjoy it with friends but you can still show your flipping skills to your friends by calling them at home.