Bangkok Vs. Chonburi: Which Destination Do Expats Prefer When Living In Thailand?

If you’ve been thinking about relocating to Thailand, but you aren’t quite sure which location will best accommodate your desired lifestyle, this is the article for you. We’re going to look at two very popular expat destinations in order to determine which would be better suited to you. 

Bangkok Vs. Chonburi: which is the preferred destination for expats living in Thailand? 

A brief introduction to Bangkok

Bangkok is Thailand’s capital city and this bustling metropolis is well-known for its vibrant night life and rich cultural tapestry. 

A brief introduction to Chonburi 

Chon Buri is a stunning Thai province that sits on the Kingdom’s eastern Gulf coast. It’s a popular tourist destination, lined with tropical beaches and renowned resort towns such as Pattaya

Bangkok Vs. Chonburi 

When choosing between Bangkok and Chonburi, you need to think carefully about the sort of lifestyle that you are after. Here are some examples of how Bangkok and Chonburi differ:

  • Connectivity, amenities, and infrastructure: In terms of infrastructure and having things to do, Bangkok is quite literally the gift that keeps on giving. From enjoying rooftop cocktails and dancing into the early hours of the morning in one of the city’s many nightclubs, to enjoying fine dining or shopping until you drop in the world’s largest outdoor market, you’ll never run out of things to see and do in Bangkok. 
  • Traffic, pollution, and congestion: When it comes to traffic, pollution, and congestion, Bangkok is notorious. If you favour open roads, having nature on your doorstep, and a fresh ocean-breeze, you can’t beat Chon Buri. 
  • Accommodation options: Being such a large city, Bangkok has a seemingly endless supply of available properties to rent or buy. However, there are some stunning condos for sale in Bangsaen with ocean views and all manner of coastal amenity worth exploring. 
  • Hustle and bustle: Bangkok is the perfect location for people who live for the hustle and bustle. If you relish busy streets teeming with life, then you will love Bangkok. However, if you favour a quieter lifestyle with fewer people around you, Chon Buri wins.  
  • Work opportunity: Being such a large capital city with a thriving CBD, Bangkok is the bread winner when it comes to work opportunity. Certainly, there is plenty of opportunity to teach or work in hospitality in rural / coastal areas like Chon Buri in Thailand, however, you may have more luck when looking for work in Bangkok. 

Which do expats prefer?

Again, it all comes down to the individual. Many people swear by Bangkok. In fact, there are tens of thousands of expats living in Bangkok as it is. However, there are countless expats still who live in locations like Chon Buri, Phuket, and Koh Samui; those who are far more interested in a laid back life with a slower pace and plenty of room to breathe. 

If you are worried about missing out on the action, bear in mind that Bangkok is only 1-hour and 20-minutes away from Chon Buri. As such, you can always head to the big city for weekends breaks, shopping, and a little action. 

On the other hand, if you want more opportunity for work and feel like you might get bored living somewhere like Chon Buri, you can always live in Bangkok and then exit the city on weekends to enjoy a tropical paradise escape whenever it takes your fancy. 

Take your time to research both locations and consider visiting on a short vacation to see what the vibe is like. Then, be honest with yourself about what kind of lifestyle you’d like to lead and go with your gut. If you find that Bangkok is too much for you, you can always make the move to somewhere more relaxed like Chon Buri.