Be a King Chef With Cooking Crush

The whole internet is blowing up with new trends daily. Sometimes people are talking about a new Tik Tok dance or discussing whether Joe Exotic deserves a better ending but one thing that I can guarantee you – besides the fate of Carole Baskin’s husband – is that one trend is here to stay. If you guessed Cooking Crush, then you guessed it right!

I binged the whole Tiger King series and I can honestly tell you I shuddered when I found out that they were consuming food that had gone bad ages ago. It made me realize the importance of good quality food and the long term effects it has on your health. I have been playing this cooking game, Cooking Crush,since December and I can say with utmost confidence that I will continue playing it the whole year round.

Cooking Crush has been published by Flow motion Entertainment Inc. This company was founded by Ryan Yada and Dario Pavan in 2014.

Crush Those Hunger Pangs

  • Being hungry is a big issue. Perhaps you do not have enough money to order something you want to eat but there are people who do not have access to food at all! It is our duty to help them. This is why Flow motion has partnered with Backpack Buddies to serve meals to underprivileged children worldwide through such cooking games. Flow motion has been able to provide over 45,000 meals.
  • You might desire something to eat but you do not have anyone around to serve you. You do not have to depend on anyone to feed you. You are perfectly capable of doing that yourself. Just play cooking games for free and you will learn how to maneuver your way around a kitchen!
  •  All these restaurants make their delicious finger-licking food from the very basic ingredients that are available in your kitchen. Mind blowing, isn’t it?
  • Cooking Crush allowsyou to play in a kitchen and learn what it means to run a restaurant. It will let you be skilled in time management games. You will be faced with all the challenges faced by a chef, a waiter, a manager and a businessman – all in one!
  • Such cooking games by FME will make you sweat. The question is, can you take the heat?
  • This kitchen game also has Daily Happiness Challenges for when you need to meditate and take a breather. You can earn coins upon completion of a Happiness Challenge. Up till now, this feature has been utilized over 3 million times.

What’s Your Number?

  • The customers come and go in your restaurant and you have to serve them their food as fast as you can. They may have an easy order that may be prepared in a matter of seconds, like a hot cup of coffee. Or it might take some time like crunchy toast, a pizza pie, freshly baked cakes and pastries.
  • Everyone wants to be served first but they have to take turns. You have to serve those that came first because they have been waiting for longer. Sometimes, an easy order can be fulfilled first but that can mostly be done in case of beverages. Remember, customers must not be kept waiting for long or they will leave. Learn good time management skills.
  • There are 10 different restaurants where you are allowed to cook. You do not get the chance to start anywhere you want. You have to start from the bottom and earn your way to the top. In this journey, you will learn the value of hard work and patience. You will be rewarding for your determination and ambition with gold coins. Hurrah!

Laugh All The Way To The Bank!

  • You don’t know a good thing until you get one. Working from the bottom, at Crème Café, you might not realize the importance of gold coins and utilities like extra ingredients and kitchenware.
  • Once you start earning your gold coins, you will see that you can use that money to buy things. These things will help improve your performance in the kitchen. Once your performance improves, you will be able to serve your customers better and get promoted. You can win a chance to work at other, bigger restaurants and cook different foods at:
  • Crème Café
  • Dream Deli
  • Salty Taverna
  • Party Parlor
  • Rockin’ Diner
  • Crazy Cantina
  • Donut Den
  • Tandoori Treasure
  • Perfect Pie
  • Cake Corner
  • Canadian Treats

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