Beginner’s Guide: Trying C Chord on the Guitar

Cold beers and live music define the life of a spirited New Yorker. From jazz, rock, soul music to blues, the place seems to be rich with musical styles. Which of these do you like the most? While going to concerts or clubs as an audience is fun, it cannot match the experience of being a performer and serenading the crowd with one’s music-playing skills. If you want to give this a try, learn an instrument. Although people say starting with the piano can be the best, you can choose guitar also. Initial lessons can be demanding. But once you get the grip, your learning will be faster. 

For training, you can search for private guitar lessons near your location in New York online. Make sure you join only the trusted school. Learning at a reputable music center is essential for a solid foundation and growth. As soon as your lessons start, your teacher will introduce you to different elements of the instrument to help you become comfortable with it. Of them, playing the chords will be one. Although your guitar instructor in New York will guide you through the entire process safely and efficiently, it can be fun and valuable to explore the C chord in advance.

The humble C chord

C, G, D, A, and E are the guitar’s basic open chords. C tends to be challenging for the amount of stretch it requires from the player to play it. Your hands need practice to gain flexibility. For a new player, the best thing is to practice this chord in smaller chunks to avoid finger injury. Also, having a bit of awareness can make you feel less intimidated about the whole thing. So here you go! 

Playing open C major

You can play open C on your guitar by keeping your first finger on string B’s first fret and second finger on string D’s second fret. Simultaneously, the third finger should reach out for string A’s third fret. When you strum these strings, you should avoid the low E string. Also, you can check all the chords individually for their ringing sound. When you pluck them one by one, some chords can sound choked. It happens when you accidentally catch the open strings with the underside of the fingers. Hence, correct placement and spacing of the hand are crucial. Sometimes, the frets also create unpleasant sounds due to not getting enough pressing. So, you have to take care of this too.

Playing C major A shape barre

Barring refers to playing multiple notes with one finger in the same fret. When you attempt this style, using the bonier side of the finger can be effective. It helps to create the required pressure. Mastering moveable barre chords can allow you to play various chords on different frets with ease.

Playing C major E shape barre

Use the third finger to barre strings D, G, and B. While doing this, you can inadvertently hush the high E string. But it should not be a problem. However, bend your third finger a little to create space for the first string to ring appropriately. 

Playing C major chord Cadd9

One of the great alternatives to open C major chords is Cadd9. When you switch between C and G major chords, you most commonly come across the Cadd9 chord. You have to jump your first two fingers up and down to move between the two strings to play this. You can notice this technique in songs like Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns n’ Roses. Because of the stretching issue, it can be harder to play C major initially. However, until you get flexibility, you can depend on Cadd9 for its sonic effect.

Playing C major chord Cmaj7

It is yet another attractive option in place of C major. It may not be as effective as Cadd9. However, its application in ballads and jazz music is tremendous. You cannot use it in the blues also. Anyway, you can play this chord with two fingers. The first finger will be on the fourth string fret 2, while the second will be on the fifth string’s third fret. You will have to strum from a fifth string.

These are a few ways to try chord C on guitar. While there are plenty of techniques to master, you need to follow your trainer for accurate guidance. When you take private music lessons in New York, you learn the best method based on your understanding. So, that way, it is advantageous if you opt for formal training. And as said, the lessons get interesting as you go on mastering one element after the other. Just maintain patience and focus so that your whole journey looks more fruitful. You can pick up many things faster and improve your playing skills.

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