Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth

If you have a missing tooth, you realize how much it can affect you regarding your appearance and mouth function. Luckily, your dentist will try to do everything possible to ensure you remain with your natural teeth whenever possible. Unfortunately, sometimes losing one or several teeth is unavoidable, and it all depends on what you do after it happens. If you are dealing with missing teeth in Emerson, you can take advantage of the new advancements in technology such as same-day dental implants and dentures to replace your teeth better than ever before. So, why should you replace your missing teeth? Keep reading to find out some of the benefits of doing so;

Increasing mouth function

You might have no idea, but even lacking one tooth can mess up your overall bite function. If you are interested in restoring your mouth’s function and making it easier to talk and chew, you might want to consider replacement teeth solutions. Having a new set of teeth, despite them being artificial, means they can work together with natural teeth to restore your mouth function. You will chew much better and comfortably, and talking will not be an issue as well.

Help keep your teeth straight.

Having a gap in your teeth is the last thing you need since, most times, the remaining teeth are most likely to shift into the open space. It makes your teeth crooked, which affects your smile and the functionality of your smile. Likewise, crooked teeth will make it hard for your jaw to close correctly, which may lead to chronic pain and unconscious teeth grinding that may crack and break them. Replacing your teeth means your smile is whole once again, and all these problems are addressed.

Protects your jawbone

Having missing teeth means you have some empty spaces in your mouth, leading to severe oral health issues. One of the conditions you need to be aware of is a deteriorating jawbone. If you do not have a tooth where it is supposed to be, your jawbone starts to lose its strength and shape. The consequences of this can be permanent. Luckily with teeth replacement solutions such as dental implants, you get to stimulate the jawbone and preserve its shape and solidity. It is an excellent way of promoting your oral health.

Restoring the aesthetics of your smile

If you lose just one tooth, it interferes entirely with the appearance of your smile. You will feel embarrassed even to show off your teeth, meaning you cannot smile confidently. When that is the case, it is time to consider some replacement options such as dental implants or dentures. With the right specialist, you can rest assured that they will match your dental crowns to your teeth’ color to help you get a smile you can be comfortable with.

If you are among the many people that have to go by the day with a missing tooth, you do not have to do it any longer. Various procedures have come up that allow you to replace those missing teeth and get better mouth functionality. What’s more, having your teeth replaced comes with so many benefits, so ensure you are not left behind.