Benefits Of Rubber Hex Dumbbells

It seems that everyone is working out at home these days. If you, too, have joined the home gym crowd, it’s time to take a good look at your dumbbells. Are you still using the old cast iron dumbbells that clang, flake off, and dent your floors? There are much better options on the market today including the workout favorite, rubber hex dumbbells.

Rubber Is a Good Thing

When you’ve searched for dumbbells online, no doubt you’ve run across rubber dumbbells. That may seem strange, as rubber is a soft, flexible material used for car tires and sneaker soles. There are also hard, durable versions of rubber, and it turns out that it’s the perfect material for coating dumbbells.

Rubber dumbbells are still made of a hard metal, typically steel or sometimes cast iron. The handles are uncoated metal while the heads are coated with a thick, hard rubber that resists abrasion, cracking, and wear. Rubber has several properties that make it good for weight training equipment, including:

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  • Water-resistance
  • Durability
  • Gentle on floors and other surfaces
  • Quieter when dropped or clanged together

Rubber coated hex dumbbells have the additional advantage of the hex-shaped head. This means your weights won’t go rolling around the floor every time you set them down. That’s definitely something to get excited about.

New rubber does give off an odor that some people are sensitive to. It will fade over time, however, so if you can make it past the first couple of months you will no longer notice it.

Fixed Weights Are Good, Too

Rubber dumbbells come in a wide variety of weight options. This is good news for any of you looking for hard-core, intensive weight training with heavier weights. While weights made of other materials may top out at 15 pounds, rubber-coated fixed weights can go as high as 30. You can even get rubber-coated fixed-weight barbells to add more dimension to your workout.

So go ahead and plan your gym to accommodate your workout goals. With rubber dumbbells, you can get the full range of weight training options you need. A selection of hex-head fixed-weight rubber dumbbells can be the centerpiece of your gym thanks to its nearly unlimited exercise potential.

Budget Check

Of course, most home gyms are built on a budget. Rubber dumbbells do tend towards the top end of the price range. If your budget just won’t allow you to buy the full spread of rubber weights you’d like to have, there is another excellent option. Neoprene dumbbells are more affordable and also have great features, including:

  • A soft, comfortable grip
  • A wide variety of color choices
  • A durable, long-lasting finish
  • A non-rolling hex head

Like rubber, neoprene won’t scratch your hardwood floors and is less noisy than traditional metal weights. A significant drawback to neoprene is the limited weight range. However, you could purchase your heaviest weights in rubber and your smaller weights in neoprene to keep costs down.

Building a home gym is a fun task. Go online today and find the dumbbells that work best for you.